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entropy_kid 01-21-03 11:06 AM

Driver problems for a newbie and RH7.2

I have a dual booting system with RH7.2 and W2k. Problem is that my video card died and the card that I recieved under warrenty does not feature on the RH7.2 set-up options.

I am using RH7.2 due to some old CFD code. The card is a Quadro4 700 XGL.

Linux boots fine, but then the GUI login doesn't appear. You can still run fine in text only mode, and I have tried updating the drivers and reconfiguring XF86config-4, but still no GUI.

Sorry for the tale-of-woe, but any ideas would be much appreciated!


bwkaz 01-21-03 03:51 PM

Can you startx after you log in in text mode? I'd guess not, but try it and copy /var/log/XFree86.0.log to somewhere else, then switch your driver back to vesa and post the log file here. Preferably as an attachment.

entropy_kid 01-22-03 04:37 AM

Thanks for the tip. I've had a look at the X-log file and it has trown up some clues. Will post anything that is not standard.

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