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Scootz 02-20-06 01:45 PM

New PNY 6600 problems/questions
Just got the new card installed on my P4 2.4, 1G ram, XP sp2, 400watt psu, system and am having some problems.

I am getting strange triangular shapes coming off of objects in games (specifically FEAR, HF2) kinda like the edge of the object has been pulled out to a point.

I am also wondering what the operataing temps should be. Rivatuner is logging a standby 2d temp of about 58c and 3d game high temp of 75c.


Maverickman 02-20-06 03:44 PM

Re: New PNY 6600 problems/questions
Which drivers are you using? Sometimes you need to uninstall any old drivers and reinstall new ones after you put your new card in. I also have a system with a PNY, and their cards are great. Your PSU is fine and your CPU is O.K. You can also use driver cleaner from www.guru3d.com to get rid of any old ATI drivers.

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