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nekrosoft13 02-24-06 06:51 AM

I want to try MMORPG, but which one?
What MMORPG would you recommend to someone that never played a MMORPG before?

Something that comes with free trail would be good. I do play RPG games, mostly off-line, Guild Wars is the only RPG that i played online.

I did D&D Online beta testing, and must say its was pretty good, was actually considering to buy it, unless they is something better available.

Tr1cK 02-24-06 07:27 AM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?
World of Warcraft is the king. Don't get it unless you want your life sucked out of you. I know, I have 2 60 toons.

Ninjaman09 02-24-06 07:41 AM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?

|MaguS| 02-24-06 07:43 AM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?
Its all dependant on your taste... if you want a game you can play alone most of the time get WoW, Its basically Solo Player Heaven. If you liked D&D's gameplay then try it out, all MMORPGs basically come with a free 30days anyway.

Im personally playing D&D untill Vanguards releases...

Ninjaman09 02-24-06 07:55 AM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?
WoW has the option of soloing but you can't solo once you hit 60, and you don't have access to the best gear for your level if you aren't running instances. You want to find a good guild and stick with them. "Play alone most of the time"...I lol'd. Of the 35 played days on my character, I've probably played alone for about 1 or 2 of them.

|MaguS| 02-24-06 07:57 AM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?
Thats you but the game is basically open arms to solo players... you can go from 1 to 60 solo... thats bad enough for me...

darkrider01 02-24-06 08:19 AM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?
My vote would be for Guild Wars. It's very simple and has a very good and helpful community behind it. Stay away from City of Heroes and City of Villains as they have a player base of a-holes. EVE Online has a very good player base, but I will admit it's complicated. Easy and first time sounds like Guild Wars to me.

glObalist 02-24-06 09:16 AM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?

Yes it's true some players have solo'ed their way to the max level in a matter of days, but it was only the hardcore ones who nonetheless turned to all-out raiding (with a guild) as soon as they were done leveling.

You'll find some truly good fun and company when you play this game and meet new people, well I did anyway.

Ninjaman09 02-24-06 09:29 AM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?
Guild Wars isn't an MMORPG. It's a fun game though.

You cannot solo to 60 unless you choose to ignore a great deal of what the game has to offer. You level faster and more effectively, with better gear, by grouping with players. Of course you could just solo grind mobs day in and day out but you'll level slower, have crappy gear, and be a loner with nothing to do when you hit max level. Meanwhile, for those that chose to participate in the game world, level 60 is just the beginning for their characters. Character progression does not stop at 60.

oneils 02-24-06 12:54 PM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?
Why is a MMORPG somehow flawed if you can solo your way to max level? It seems to me if a game gives you the most choice possible...then that is a good thing. What exactly is the problem? If you level through group-play, good for you. If you solo, good for you.

Do people just feel that an MMORPG is supposed to be mainly a place to gather with online friends and build a community? If so, WoW does nothing to prevent you from doing this...and it also doesn't force you to do this (except, I hear, at the end ...I play off and on with a lowly lvl 20 warrior).

I would think then, that the hardcore social players still have plenty to do in WoW.

Tr1cK 02-24-06 01:11 PM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?
As far as WoW goes, the game starts at 60. If you are in a competent guild, then it shouldn't be too long before all that crap armor and weapons you wasted time getting in lower levels is useless because they are soon replaced with much better stuff from end game instances or high end pvp. You can level to 60 solo and still get most of all the important quests done.

My main toon ran a bunch of different instances and did all this and that on the way and took me forever to get 60. He is now a pve concentric toon and runs molten core (end game pve instance) weekly and have 6/8 of my tier 1 epic armor. All the gear I wear now was attained post-60.

I basically soloed my way to 60 with my alternate toon. I knew that whatever I got from the lower level grouping would be replaced. I may have ran 2 instances with him prior to 60. This toon is pvp based and is going for the gear that you get from doing the battlegrounds and attaining rank. If you want to stay solo, then I recommend focusing on pvp instead of end game pve.

Supposedly with the next patch Blizzard is implementing class specific epic armor sets aimed at the solo guy. I think you get them through quests. Some are solo; some require at most a 10 man group (max group size is a 40 man raid.) These sets are not comparable to the 8 piece 'tier 1 or 2' epic sets as they are 5 pieces and set up for pve and pvp stats, whereas the tier 1 I know is pve based. The tier 2 (best set for your class in the game besides the uber pvp set) is more pvp friendly as far as the bonuses.

Hope I didn't confuse you too much.

btw - If you go with WoW, roll a toon the Horde side. The pretty little Alliance outnumber us an average of 2 to 1 which really imbalances the game. On my server, Stormrage, we are outnumbered 2.5 to 1.

Roliath 02-28-06 12:01 PM

Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?
I personally hate to admit this, but since I've bought WoW i haven't played another game. Except for FEAR, and that was just to show a buddy of mine what a 512MB 7800GTX can do.

WoW is a GREAT game, and WILL suck the life out of you...

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