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Azkhul 02-26-06 02:35 PM

6600 GT acting up!
I spent some time browsing the forum checking for info that relates to
the problem im having with my gfx card, but no luck, so i made a new
thread :)

Well the main problem is in windows when i scroll, whether it be explorer
or a txt file, my screen flickers off then on again, with all the text graphics
out of place so to say. Its kind of hard explaining, but hopefully someone
will understand.

It doesnt matter what type of moniter i use, i have the same problem
with my tft as i do with my old crt.

This problem only occurs in windows while scrolling. In games and such,
i have absolutely no problems what so ever with the card.

Otherwise running the latest drivers from nvidia.

My computer specc is as follows.
*Elitegroup L7VTA mainboard
*Athlon XP 2800+
*1024mb ram
*Winxp sp2
*400w psu

cant think of any thing else that would help solve this problem i have.

i really hope that someone can shed some light on the matter, so
i dont need to go out and buy another computer :)

going away for a couple of days, ill check back thursday i hope.

thanks and greetz from sweden :D

jcniest5 02-26-06 06:54 PM

Re: 6600 GT acting up!
Sometimes a new driver willl give you trouble but if you go back a few versions, the problem may go away. I would try that and see if makes any difference at all - just for the heck of it.

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