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honghsu 01-22-03 09:03 PM

counld't install nvnet.o network module on kernel 2.4.18-3-kgdb
I tried to install network module NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0248.src.rpm on kernel 2.4.18-3-kgdb, but failed. Here is what I did:

OK. I found and downloaded src.rpm package and
#rpm --rebuild NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0248.src.rpm

Under kernel 2.4.18-3-kgdb, the compilation went through smoothly, but /sbin/depmod -a complain
Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.4.18-3custom/kernel/drivers/net/nvnet.o

thus module install failed.

the depmod -ae has many unresolved symbols, such as:

So the same problem still remains. Does these unresolved symbols mean something here? Appreciate your hint how can I fix the issue for installation of network module.

santoniu 01-24-03 02:09 AM

Make sure you have enabled Ethernet support in your kernel.


honghsu 01-24-03 08:04 AM

Yes. The network support in menuconfig is enable.

santoniu 01-24-03 08:50 AM

Can you post the complete list of all modules dependencies that failed during depmod?

Also, are you using a SMP kernel?


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