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keks 01-22-03 09:53 PM

Dell M50 Precision Quadro 4 GO GL
How do i install these drivers
i have rh8 with updated kernel
i am so confused on what do i need to do...?
i have done most of the things and I cant get it to work
this is my 3rd time reintalling the system.
I need the open GL support for Softimage XSI
now i am running Quadro 4 vesa generic driver
nothing says "nv" in the Config.

Anyeone with the same laptop plz help
thx a lot

I am new to linux and if detailed explaination is possible i would appriciate it
thank you all

bwkaz 01-22-03 10:19 PM

If you have an updated kernel, you probably will need to install the corresponding kernel-source package. But there's a way to find out for sure -- just go to the download page (you'll want IA32, if you didn't know that already), and get the NVchooser file there. Then sh NVchooser.sh from a terminal emulator (konsole, xterm, Eterm, aterm, whatever) to run it, and it'll tell you which files to download. If it says to download anything that ends in .src.rpm, you will also need to install (off RHN if possible) the kernel-source package that matches your running kernel's version.

If you have to install kernel-source, you will probably also have to configure it. Look in the configs/ directory under /usr/src/linux-<version> to find a file that matches your hardware. Copy it to /usr/src/linux-<version>/.config, then cd to /usr/src/linux-<version> and run make mrproper oldconfig dep to do the configuration. That's not in the README, but is necessary with RedHat most of the time.

The rest of the instructions should be in the README, step by step.

keks 01-22-03 10:51 PM

now i am running

Linux version 2.4.18-14 (bhcompile@stripples.devel.redhat.com) (gcc version 3.2 20020903 (Red Hat Linux 8.0 3.2-7)) #1 Wed Sep 4 13:35:50 EDT 2002

and i didnt do any updating cuz the Launch2Update does not let me download gives me errors.

if anyone has the same system and can help me cuz i am sooo new to this... i just want to try if the software that I will be running will run faster then it runs in XP... i really want to make a switch but this sound complicated for a bigginer.

anyways if someone is willing to tell me really basic step by step I will try it
thx a lot

for thelast poster
i will try that script it might help me

thank you all again

Anwyas if i call Nvidia will they walk me tru the install or not?
This is a dell Mobile M50 with Quadro4 500 Go GL card anwyas... and i dont think dell will support linux installs

Hope i get this to work sometimes soon

Thank you guys

keks 01-22-03 10:55 PM

anyways i ran the script and this is what i got

[keks@keks keks]$ sh NVchooser.sh
Please download and install the following files:

For further installation directions, please see the README.
[keks@keks keks]$

keks 01-23-03 03:45 AM

i have installed from tar after reading the pdf
i got the Nvidia LOGO :) juhuuu
but now everything seems 2 times slower for example just draging windows in gnome is choppy why????
and if i look under the display i still dont see 3d acceleration box its still grayed out and it says Quadro 4(generic) as it used to say
just "nvidia" word instead of "vesa" is different.
I am not sure if this is Open GL it seems its worse....????
whats going on?
any help
plzzzzz people help me out here
i got the LOGO by myself :)))
looks like 2d performance has went down the drain. I bet some more things need to be changed in the Config file or something to tune it up.
what supp?

bwkaz 01-23-03 06:55 AM

Slower 2D with the 4191 drivers is a known problem. Since you installed from tar files, see if installing 3123 works (you shouldn't have to get rid of 4191 to do that, though). The one difference to watch out for is the alias in /etc/modules.conf -- for 3123, it has to be NVdriver, where for 4191, it has to be nvidia.

The 3D acceleration box is grayed out because that program doesn't understand how to do 3D for nVidia cards. If you're loading the "glx" module, you'll have 3D. You can check by running glxgears -- if you get decent FPS (like in the thousands, probably), then you have 3D.

keks 01-23-03 07:48 AM

I have restared and it looks like 2d problem has disapeared it was doing that cuz it was loading slower i think but after the hd stops working then moving windows is actually faster now. I tried gimp and its fast if not faster then before.
I have checked with glxgears and i get 3000 fps I dont know if that number is good or not.
My only question is how do i get other features I would get in Windows?
if i use Softimage XSI how would linux be faster for me? If I can not costumize and thus certifie drivers for certain appz then Linux is uselless for 3d creation and just rendering maybe. Hope I get some things andwered
My card is a Certified for those 3d applications ... how come there is no certification and some kinda tunning gui driver program that exist in windows?

keks 01-23-03 01:37 PM

i have tried 24 bit too and the glxgears spits out around 2000 ftps
i have no extra options defined in there
but I guess it seems that open gl is working.
now I wish someone that knows how to write all the opions as a drop down gui interfae in the XDisplay for gnome configurator

bwkaz 01-23-03 03:26 PM

Yes, those framerates are just fine. You do have 3D acceleration.

There's no need for "all the options in a dropdown GUI interface". Reading through the README and using those options in the config file works just fine...

Besides, even if someone did write a GUI interface for those options, it would be specific to:

a) the drivers (well, the fact that they're nVidia and not DRI or whatever else that's really cross-platform, or ATI's)
b) the specific version of driver that you're running
c) your kernel version, in some cases
d) whether you use agpgart or nvagp or no AGP, in some cases with some hardware
e) probably others I haven't thought of yet...

If any of these changes, the codebase of this configurator thingy would have to change to accommodate it. Which is non-trivial at best...

keks 01-23-03 04:05 PM

i understand but a lot of users would switch to linux
if it was just little bit simpler to set up
it took me 2 days to figure everything up where I could of been working on the project.
Anyways i am still finding Windows XP pro to be faster for 3d period just because it has those options that are easily tuned no need to restart ether.
Well if they have the gui for like resolution and driver selection why not add just few more options it would be that hard i am sure for someone that knows more linux then me. Besides it could support all the kernel and stuff from certain version and up.
I like the idea that Gnome has that options so u dont have to type that in the text editor ... its just time consuming to have to dig tru the code but then again its linux way.

anyways i am interested in some numbers from other people on here when running that gfxgears

bwkaz 01-23-03 07:40 PM

Actually, once you get used to it, it's much faster to do things in a text editor than in a GUI that'll change stuff behind your back... ;)

But for the framerates, I'll get around 2800 fps or so (this is the second time it prints the fps -- the first time is always low, for some reason). This is on a GF4 Ti4200, with driver release 3123, and an Athlon XP1800+ processor. These numbers do seem low to me, but I'm not quite sure why. It might have something to do with the 100% CPU utilization (I run the Distributed Folding client </shameless plug :p>, which runs niced so that it drops the CPU when other high-load programs get run) -- maybe the nice stuff isn't working quite right. But I'm not entirely sure on that.

keks 01-23-03 08:04 PM

at what color depth and resolution?
i just ran unreal tournament 2003 demo and it ran really fast at higest settings.. i am really pleased
do u think i need to add extra stuff in the config ?
maybe it will increase the performance even more?

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