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mcortz_2000 08-12-02 12:57 PM

Mario Sunshine is Awesome!!!
Hi all,

A friend of mine recieved the japanese version of Mario Sunshine last week monday and after modding his gamecube got stuck into this sleeper title. I got to play it on friday as he lives in wisconsin and i live in illinois. I have to say that it pleasantly surprised me with the level of enjoyment that we have had so far. Aside from the graphical improvements the gameplay is pretty close to Mario 64. The new water jetpack/weapon is great and the camera control is a nice feature. Anyway he finished it and it took him approx. 20+ HOURS. Anyone else have it and have opinions.

Matthyahuw 08-12-02 01:05 PM

All I saw was the commercial so far, but I definately will at least rent it!

mcortz_2000 08-12-02 01:26 PM

Dude this title deserves far more than just a rental. Anyway i realize that is just my opinion but it is really that good. Oh and another fantastic part is the Archapelo(or however it is spelt) background music in some of the stages. Fantastic!!!

StealthHawk 08-12-02 08:41 PM

how is it a sleeper title? the Mario franchise is a big one.

i personally didn't care for Mario 64 at all. it really cool being one of the first 3d games i ever played, the controls were awesome, the graphics rocked at the time too. but the gameplay was tedious and the game was easy for me. of course i say this in hindsight, if i was in a room and had to pick several games to play today, i certainly wouldn't pick Mario 64. but at the time i probably would have.

mcortz_2000 08-12-02 10:35 PM

i mean sleeper hit in how good it really is but yes u are right sleeper hit is from a non expected company and the mario franchise is not...

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