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ColeMarcus 01-23-03 01:23 PM

nforce under freebsd
Anyone knows if it is posible to use the nforce nic and audio under freebsd?
( nforce1 not nforce2)

darius 02-05-03 05:10 AM

The nvnet is not going to work without some major hacking as it's binary only.

The audio should work if you apply an analagous patch to the i810 driver..

k0fcc 06-25-03 09:49 AM

nForce and FreeBSD

Originally posted by darius
The nvnet is not going to work without some major hacking as it's binary only.
Not even if you compile the code? I just attempted a load of FreeBSD on my MSI nForce system. I was able to get FreeBSD to load but at the time I didn't have the NVIDIA drivers handy. I switched over to RH9 and while it works, it's aweful performance, even after tune2fs and hdparms. Specifically, kupdated goes spastic and hogs most of resources (even with ext2 instead of ext3).

Maybe I should try to reinstall FreeBSD again now that I have the driver source on CD.

erwos 06-29-03 07:58 AM

Are you sure it's kupdated and not updatedb? RedHat 9 uses slocate, and they have updatedb run every day via cron. _That_ sucks down CPU, big time.

You can move updatedb's cron job to weekly if you don't do many searches, and you'll probably see quite a performance boost.


k0fcc 06-29-03 09:59 AM


Originally posted by erwos
Are you sure it's kupdated and not updatedb?
Yes, positive that it's kupdated.

I even switched most of the active partitions over to ext2. That cut kupdated in half but unfortunately XP Home is still signficantly faster on that machine.

radixvir 07-14-03 11:53 AM

still no support
has anyone gotten nvnet to work under freebsd? i havent attempted yet, but i wanted to see if it was even worthwhile. i dont care about audio just the nvnet drivers (on 5.1-RELEASE)

erwos 07-14-03 02:17 PM

You can't just plug a Linux module into FreeBSD and expect it to work, sorry. The two kernels are quite different.

So, no, no nvnet support in FreeBSD right now.


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