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sbeausol 01-23-03 02:01 PM

a7n8x deluxe audio ports
I have looked but cannot find anyone with a similar problem...

I have RH 8 installed with the nvidia nforce2 drivers.

My case has a front usb/firewire/headphone/mic ports. I have connected the proper headers for all of them, and all of them work. However, my rear audio jacks do not work. As of right now, I listen to my mp3s through the headphone jack on the front of my case... not one plug on the rear works. Anybody else experience this? Does anybody of their rear audio jacks working for them?

I know the jacks work, because i have used them in windows.... not sure what do try next....

By the way, I have tried the OSS drivers with the same results...

FunkyRes 01-29-03 10:05 AM

I have that board.
Sound works just fine in linux.

If you really need to know if the problem is the board or not, follow these steps:

1) make sure bios is set to require keyboard and audio bios errors.
2) plug your speakers into the GREEN jack on the back.
3) power off, remove keyboard from computer, power on.

You should get an audible notification that no keyboard is detected. If you don't, RMA your board.

FunkyRes 01-29-03 10:09 AM

Oh - they work in windows?

OK - with speakers plugged into the GREEN jack (that's all that works - no 5.1 in linux) do this:

su --command="/sbin/modprobe nvaudio"

If that works - then edit /etc/rc.local and add this line to it:

/sbin/modprobe nvaudio

sbeausol 01-29-03 05:40 PM

here is the deal -

In Windows, I have to set the speaker config to 4 speakers, where only the center jack works....

In linux, I have no choice but to use the front jacks on the case, which are connected to the mobo

If I remove the keyboard, and set it to halt on all errors, the only time I get the speech report is when the speakers are plugged into the front jacks on the case...

modprobe does nothing... since the module is already loaded and working...

FunkyRes 01-29-03 05:58 PM

What happens if you disconnect the wiring to the front panel and try?

If you get nothing with the bios test and the front panel audio disconnected - then you got a bad board. If you do get something - then for some reason the front panel interfers with the rear ports.

sbeausol 01-30-03 06:37 PM

I will give it a try....

sbeausol 02-01-03 02:23 PM

Works finally....
Here is what I did....

The front panel audio connector on the mobo ships with a jumper connected two AGND and MIC2...

Removing that jumper disables the line green audio jack on the rear of the board. Leaving that jumper, and hooking up the rest of the connectors enables both front panel and rear panel speaker connections to work..... Not sure, however, if the mic will still work....

who knew...

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