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coyote 07-28-02 12:27 PM

xfree86-static and nvidia drivers
There seems to be a problem when we install nvidia drivers(2880-2960) and XFree86-static on mandrake.... and possibly on red-hat. some glx functions picks up their symbols from /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.a wich is a static library and not a dynamic... that's causing programs to crash. Not having XFree86-static solves the problem for now.

N.B.: that happens only if the library has been built on the specific machine, else it will pick the correct one.

Thunderbird 07-28-02 04:33 PM

Static libs are meant for linking with apps so that those libs are builtin into apps. The lib libGL.a is from mesa and is not compatible with the nvidia drivers. (the same for libglx.a and libGLcore.a) Just remove libGL.a and the problems will be over.

Bern 07-28-02 08:03 PM

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You can use the attached script to ID conflicting mesa openGL libs (rename to nv_check.sh).

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