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ZoZo 01-24-03 05:47 PM

what about FreeBSD 5.X ??
My GeForce card worked perfectly with FreeBSD 4.7 (I was running UT2003 with my GeForce2 MX quite faster than on a Windows system!).

But now, the 5.X branch has been released, and I can't play UT2003 any more :'(

Do you know if drivers will soon be released ?

And a lot of thanks for the nvidia team, for making freebsd drivers :)
ATI cards are cheaper but I don't buy one because there's no hardware acceleration with them under freebsd. So I hope nvidia will make good drivers for freebsd 5.X, in that case I will buy a GeForce FX instead of the next ATI card :)

midekra 01-26-03 10:49 AM

From the NVIDIA/FreeBSD FAQ:

Q: Can I run this driver under -CURRENT?

A: The NVIDIA FreeBSD driver is not officially supported under -CURRENT! Don't bitch if it doesn't work. If you want to try though, comment out lines 24 through 34 in src/nv-freebsd.h or enclose the same lines in an #if 0/endif directive.

ZoZo 01-26-03 04:33 PM

yeaah thank you, i'm going to try of course...

ZoZo 01-26-03 05:04 PM

well, no problem during compilation, but it freezes when launching the X server, just after the nvidia logo...

now, with the open nv driver, i can't load the glx extension any more :(
will try to deinstall the nvidia driver...

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