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beta 01-24-03 06:42 PM

antialiassing and aniostripic filtering
I have just setup a linux box and have installed the latest kernel update and nvida drivers for geforce 4 ti. Everything works fine. I would like to know how to enable FSAA and Aniostropic filtering. I have looked at the readme about this but am confused. I do'nt know where to enter the commands. Can someone please tell me how to enable these options. Thank You

Chalnoth 01-24-03 07:34 PM

If I remember correctly,
export __GL_FSAA_MODE 1
...at the command prompt should enable 2x FSAA and 8-degree aniso. Check the readme, as I may have the names a little bit wrong. I placed the commands in my /etc/rc.d/rc.local file so that they're executed at startup. I'm not in linux right now, or else I'd be able to check for sure...sorry

beta 01-24-03 10:47 PM

That didn't seem to work. I did exactaly that. Maybe I"m missing something. I read in the readme that the XF86Config had to be edited. Is that where it has to be done. It listed those commands u mentioned only to put them in the XF86Config file. I dont' know how to set this up in this file. Can someone clarify this. Thank You

bwkaz 01-24-03 11:30 PM

Those commands are not meant for the XF86Config file. What they do is set shell variables that the glXSwapBuffers (for example -- this is the function that looks for __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK, others look for the FSAA and aniso flags) function can look at when a program is run.

You type the exports directly into the shell that you start a GL program from. At least, that's the easiest way. You can do it from rc.local, if you always use the same settings.

But you don't do export __GL_FSAA_MODE 1, you do an export __GL_FSAA_MODE=1 instead -- notice the =? ;) The same goes for any export. The important thing is to make sure the case is correct (all uppercase) and the spelling is correct, because you very likely won't get any errors if you mistype the variable's name, you just won't get FSAA when you run the program.

If you type this into a terminal emulator, then you have to start the game (or whatever) from that same shell or a subshell.

beta 01-25-03 03:53 AM

How would I go about settings up the rc.local file with those commands. I am kind of new to linux so if u could please explain to me how to do it. thanks

bwkaz 01-25-03 08:04 AM

Just edit the file, and at the end, put an export __GL_FSAA_MODE=1 into it. If you want, then on the next line, put an export __GL_ANISO_WHATEVER_IT_IS=3 as well.

beta 01-25-03 01:53 PM

I tried just that but it didn't work. I typed everything correctly. When I load quake those options are not on. The only way I can get it to work is to manually type those commands from the quake shell. But I'd have to do this all the time and can get annoying. I'd like to be able to do it the way you suggested. I'ts just not working though. Thanks again.

Chalnoth 01-25-03 02:50 PM

Okay, I'm in Linux now. Guess I was a little bit off. Anyway, here's how I have it set up:

I have the commands:

export __GL_FSAA_MODE=1

...at the end of the file /etc/profile

beta 01-25-03 04:13 PM

Thank You that did it. Works great now. I came across this program called yanc. I'm sure you heard of it. For some reason the settings don't stay after I change them using that program. I make my changes, then go to save settings, log out of x and then start it again but the settings don't save. At least the antialiasing and aniostropic settings. Any reason?

Ygriega 01-30-03 02:27 PM

The first thing I have to say is: Please read the YanC documentation that is included in the package you have downloaded.

As you can see, antialiasing, anisotropic texture filtering and vsync are environment variables that can't be saved in the XF86Config.

--> "This option will not be stored in the XF86Config. An environment variable that will only be valid for the application entered in the "Run program" field will be set. "

Please enter the program which you want to start with the customized settings for antialiasing, anisotropic texture filtering and vertical synchronization in the "Run program" field. To launch the program please either press the input key or the "Run with customized settings" button.

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