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Nick Brook 03-13-06 04:46 AM

SATA II Driver for K8NF4G-SATA 2
I am trying to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on an ASROCK K8NF4G-SATA 2 board which has an nVidia Nforce 410 MCP Chipset. I have a 250GB Maxtor disk attached to the primary SATA 2 interface and it is detected by the BIOS. During installation Linux informs me that I need to load a driver for the hard disk. If I choose to sata_nv driver shown in the list I get an error 2 from cpio and the installation fails because it can't find any disks. If I download the lateset driver from Nvidia website and press F2 during driver installtion it reads the floppy disk and adds the driver to the list but when I try and add it - it doesn't get added.

I have gone round in circles and read more forums and notes than I care to mention. Can anyone ehere help me please?

netllama 03-13-06 10:52 AM

Re: SATA II Driver for K8NF4G-SATA 2
I'm not sure which driver you downloaded from NVIDIA's website, however the only Linux drivers available there are for graphics, sound & networking.

Are you installing RHEL4-Update3?


Nick Brook 03-15-06 06:14 AM

Re: SATA II Driver for K8NF4G-SATA 2
Hi Lonni,

I downloaded rhel3-x86_64-dd.img from the nvidia website.

I am using

Linux 2.6.9-5.EL

Red Hat 3.4.3-9.EL4

GCC 3.4.3

Hope you can help



netllama 03-15-06 10:11 AM

Re: SATA II Driver for K8NF4G-SATA 2
I'm afraid I'm not familiar with anything called "rhel3-x86_64-dd.img" on NVIDIA's website. Can you point me to where you downloaded this file?

However, the 2.6.9-5.EL kernel is what shipped with the original RHEL4 release, and not update 3. You'll need to use update 3 to resolve the original issue you reported.


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