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freestyle 01-24-03 10:18 PM

System LockUp
I was able to install the latest drivers from Nvidia for my Dell C810 and running at 1600x1200 GeForce2 Go.

Now I am having a problem with system lockup, but the mouse moves the hard drive is showing alot of activity but everything else is locked up, there's no error message in the logs.

RH 8.0 with Kernel 2.4.18-19.8.0

How do I disable ACPI,APCI or what ever to have a stable system?

I am very very new to Linux.

Thanks in Advance,

swespy 01-25-03 01:39 PM

Hi I got the same problem......

is your system working now and how did you fix it ???

/ Rodney

freestyle 01-25-03 07:03 PM

Still trying, if not I will do another install and try the default kernel and see if that makes a difference.


swespy 01-26-03 05:56 AM


anyone else who knows how to fix this problem. ???

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