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CyD 03-14-06 05:31 PM

6100, 6200 with cedega/World of Warcraft
I'm having an issue with 2 graphics cards, one an onboard 6100, the other a 6200 pcie. the problem occurs when running World of Warcraft via cedega; many of the in game fonts are garbled and illegible. The problem does not persist on the machine with a 6600gt running. running newest nvidia drivers to support 6100. i'll be happy to provide any more info, maybe some screenshots if needed. thanks!

CyD 08-09-06 10:23 AM

Re: 6100, 6200 with cedega/World of Warcraft
This problem also manifests itself in Half Life 2, where no fonts are visible in menus or in game. I am hoping that these problems correlate with the problems in google earth when using these video cards. Can anyone comment on these findings?

mooninite 08-09-06 06:26 PM

Re: 6100, 6200 with cedega/World of Warcraft
Have you tried Wine instead?

The latest version only requires a nvidia specific patch (3 or 4 lines) to run WoW. Depending on your distribution it may or may not be included in your distro package.

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