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Skell 08-12-02 01:37 PM

Performance Increase?
Hey guys (and gurls?)

Would I see much of a performance increase if I upgraded my Althon 1333 TB to an Athlon XP 1900. System specs as follows:

Abit KT7A
Geforce 3 Ti200 OC 230 / 460

Its just a stop gap measure until I can get my hands on a Hammer CPU :)

Any input greatly appreciated,


pelly 08-12-02 01:49 PM

A quick check at MadOnion's online result database shows the following:[list=1][*]1.33GHz w/ GF3 level card: high scores roughly 6700-7300
[*]XP1900+ w/ GF3 level card: high scores roughly 8200-8600[/list=1]
Your best option ( IMHO ) would be to pick up a GF4 Ti4200

( OEM 1900+ $106 at newegg vs. any 64MB GF4 Ti4200 $133-139 at newegg )

Doing so achieves the following:[list=1][*]1.33GHz w/ GF4 Ti4200: high scores roughly 9400-10000[/list=1]

Starscream 08-12-02 01:52 PM

There's more to a pc than just 3dmark. If you do any video editing or other cpu intensive stuff the 1900 will be a much nicer upgrade than a ti4200.

mcortz_2000 08-12-02 01:54 PM

Overall i would say the video card would be a better decision as games and software packages are going to enjoy some Ti4200 lovin.........

pelly 08-12-02 02:08 PM

True, 3dMark is not the best benchmark...However, it is the only benchmark where you can easily retrieve a ton of performance examples on a wide variety of hardware configs...


Skell 08-12-02 02:37 PM

Hmmmmmm, I actually didnt think to upgarde the video card. I live in the UK and dont know of the Ti4200 is availible here yet. I'll be getting an NV30 anyway....


Cheers guys

Having said that, what would YOU do? Would you save the cash for a new computer, or get the Ti4200 in the short term and then get the NV30 when it comes out?

pelly 08-12-02 02:53 PM

I'd wait for NV30......you'll be amazed by the performance....
Save the cash for the time-being.....


Skell 08-12-02 02:54 PM

Nice one pelly mate :)
Keep up the good work btw ;)


StealthHawk 08-12-02 08:20 PM

indeed. i would definitely wait for Hammer before upgrading my CPU at this late a date

RaggaMuffin 08-17-02 02:12 PM

I recently upgraded from a Tbird 1.33 to an XP 1800. There was a minor increase in 3d mark 2001 se (about 700) I have seen benchmarks which show DDR systems of my spec get over 10,000. I have already cl****ed the card to 300/600 stably. I think the XP's take more advantage of the memory bandwidth in DDR.

I found that CPU intensive games like GTA3 and flight simulators have a big performance increase whereas GPU dependant ones like Quake 3 engine games or UT 2003 don't . They run well because of the GF 4 anyway. I don't think that an XP 1800 or 1900 will take advantage of the r300 or the nv30 to its fullest extent. They're going to want a Hammer or a good Northwood with RDRAM.

So the answer is upgrade only if you are willing to blow some money on a new motherboard and pc2700 ram i would say

RaggaMuffin 08-17-02 02:15 PM

I forgot to say I get a 3d mark of about 8800 with the XP 1800+ and I originally got just over 8000 with the 1.33.

StealthHawk 08-17-02 09:00 PM

DDR is your friend whether you have a P4 of a Athlon. that SDRAM is definitely holding you back. DDR333 is a much better choice than PC800 RDRAM in terms of performance and price. and PC800 RDRAM costs more than even DDR400. PC1066 is more expensive still, but if you absolutely crave every last drop of performance, that's what you should go for with P4. most people probably wouldn't notice the difference though.

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