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NrG 03-16-06 04:42 AM

What's it worth?
JUst wondering what an XFX Ti4600 128M would be worth these days...

Daneel Olivaw 03-16-06 06:01 AM

Re: What's it worth?
Think of it this way, in my mind its about equivalent to a GFFX 5700 ultra, or a 6600LE.
No more than 100$ since the 6600GT can be had on Tigerdirect.com for 110$ and is much more powerfull.

I've seen new (not used) 4200Ti s for 40 USD a few months ago. And a Ti4600 is not much more powerfull these days.

candle_86 03-16-06 10:02 AM

Re: What's it worth?
Well Id say around 60 dollars today, why you looking to sell it?

NrG 03-17-06 05:27 AM

Re: What's it worth?
Because I might be getting a 7300GS (wise upgrade or no?)

saturnotaku 03-17-06 07:22 AM

Re: What's it worth?

Originally Posted by NrG
Because I might be getting a 7300GS (wise upgrade or no?)

I would look at a 6800GS instead. Those are cheap and perform exceptionally well.

superklye 03-20-06 10:42 AM

Re: What's it worth?
Yeah, while the 7300GS is a hell of a performer, it's still only got a 64-bit bus and thus AA kills it. Check out my review of it here:

The 6800GS is definitely more expensive than a 7300GS, but the performance gains and longetivity the card offers more than makes up for the cost.

CaptNKILL 03-20-06 11:19 AM

Re: What's it worth?
Wait, do you have a PCI-Express slot? As far as I know, they dont make an AGP 7300GS.

You'll have to find a decent AGP card unless you are going to buy a new motherboard.

There arent many options for AGP, and since they usually cost more, you can probably get a decent PCI-E motherboard and a good PCI-E card for just a little more than a decent AGP card. If you just want to stick with AGP though, either of these would fit your system pretty well:

6600GT for $132

6800GS for $225

superklye 03-20-06 06:42 PM

Re: What's it worth?
Yeah, I thought about that too, but just figured he was upgrading.

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