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cabriofahrer 03-16-06 12:08 PM

No xvmc-driver in xine with FreeBSD6.0 and nvidia 8178
Hi there,

before under FreeBSD 5.4 and nvidia 7676 (and geforce3Ti) in xine (libxine 1.10, I believe) I could choose "xvmc" among others, like "xv" in "video drivers to use".
This driver uses motion compensation for decoding DVD's on video-cards that support it.
But now, after a fresh installation of FreeBSD 6.0 with nvidia 8178 and xine (libxine 1.11) "xvmc" no longer appears in xine's drop-down-menue.

A "grep defined Makefile" in /usr/ports/multimedia/libxine shows the following:

elvis69# grep defined Makefile
.if !defined(WITHOUT_ARTS) && (exists(${LOCALBASE}/bin/artsc-config) || defined(WITH_ARTS))
.if !defined(WITHOUT_CACA) && (exists(${LOCALBASE}/lib/libcaca.a) || defined(WITH_CACA))
.if !defined(WITHOUT_ESOUND) && (${HAVE_GNOME:Mesound} != "" || defined(WITH_ESOUND))
.if !defined(WITHOUT_GNOMEVFS2) && (${HAVE_GNOME:Mgnomevfs2} != "" || defined(WITH_GNOMEVFS2))
.if !defined(WITHOUT_POLYPAUDIO) && (exists(${LOCALBASE}/lib/libpolyp-0.7.so.0) || defined(WITH_POLYPAUDIO))
.if !defined(WITHOUT_XVMC) && (exists(${X11BASE}/lib/libXvMCNVIDIA.so.1) || defined(WITH_XVMC))
.if !defined(WITHOUT_THEORA) && (exists(${LOCALBASE}/lib/libtheora.so.1) || defined (WITH_THEORA))
.if !defined(WITHOUT_SMB) && (exists(${LOCALBASE}/lib/libsmbclient.so.0) || defined (WITH_SMB))
.if !exists(${LOCALBASE}/bin/artsc-config) && !defined(WITH_ARTS)
.if !exists(${LOCALBASE}/lib/libcaca.a) && !defined(WITH_CACA)
.if !(${HAVE_GNOME:Mgnomevfs2} != "") && !defined(WITH_GNOMEVFS2)
.if !(${HAVE_GNOME:Mesound} != "") && !defined(WITH_ESOUND)
.if !exists(${LOCALBASE}/lib/libpolyp-0.7.so.0) && !defined(WITH_POLYPAUDIO)
.if !exists(${LOCALBASE}/lib/libsmbclient.so.0) && !defined (WITH_SMB)
.if !exists(${LOCALBASE}/lib/libtheora.so.1) && !defined(WITH_THEORA)
.if !exists(${X11BASE}/lib/libXvMCNVIDIA.so.1) && !defined(WITH_XVMC)

I assume that means that the xvmc-plugin is automatically installed when the port finds the libXvMCNVIDIA.so.1 file in the specified directory, right?
I also tried with make "WITH_XVMC=yes" install clean, but that didn't work either.
I searched for the file libXvMCNVIDIA.so.1 to see if it was there and it definetely does reside in /usr/X11R6/lib, so what is the problem?

Is it a problem with the new nvidia-driver? I guess I cannot use the old 7676 with FreeBSD 6.0, right?

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