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Matthyahuw 08-12-02 01:43 PM

Tennis anyone?
I was at an arcade this weekend, and for some reason, I was playing a TON of this tennis game, and I JUST COULDN'T STOP! :eek:
Well anyway, now I have this 'thing' to find a Tennis PC game...
Anyone know of a good one?

mcortz_2000 08-12-02 01:45 PM

I heard that Sega's Dreamcast tennis was coming to PC and that was a lot of fun. Maybe that would sort u out.

Starscream 08-12-02 01:53 PM

I've never seen a pc tennis game to be honest.

However there is emulation. Lots of good console tennis games out there.

Matthyahuw 08-12-02 02:17 PM

yeah, I saw on GameSpot that there are 2 Tennis PC games coming out:
But I haven't seen any that are out now...

Matthyahuw 08-13-02 02:10 PM

I tried Virtua Tennis just today, and guess what?
That's the same Tennis game that was in the aracde!
Another famous Sega port...lol
But this one wasn't 1/2 bad. Thanks!

fishlung 08-13-02 02:14 PM

I don't know why, but I love old tennis games, too. Hehe. Not to mention volleyball and, the infamous Super Dodge Ball. XBoxers have that Dead Or Alive bikini beach volleyball coming out soon. I think it's a good thing I don't have a XBox. :)

nin_fragile14 08-13-02 03:23 PM

They still planning on having a topless mode in DOA volleyball?

Matthyahuw 08-13-02 10:00 PM


Originally posted by nin_fragile14
They still planning on having a topless mode in DOA volleyball?
I'm sure they'll sneak it in there with a code or something...
Saw the movie of it (long one), MAN does that look good!
I have to slap myself and say they're not real! :eek:

vampireuk 08-14-02 04:15 AM

Virtua Tennis is too addictive, although lots of fun:cool:

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