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markguilty 03-17-06 01:04 PM

Temp on Dual 6800GT in SLi
When i work in windows, and do anything from 3dstudio to photoshop... my gpu core temp are 71 (the first) and 65 (the other one) ... is it normal?

Also, I've played for 1 hour with NFS: Most Wanted using 1280x1024 AA8x and after i close the game I saw that the temp was 91 and 68 ... but after a few seconds it returned to 71 and 65.

Is it normal to have 91 after 1 hour of play? I got no BSOD, no Freeze, nothing, also... i usually play for 3 hours games such B&W2... and temp, are like that. Pleaseee... tell me it's all ok! :D

Also... i got this configuration on my pc:

1st 6800GT
--> Sound Blaster Audigy 2
2nd 6800GT

I've got no other free place to mount the Audigy 2.. so the only place it's between the two vga. But i think this wouldn't cause anykind of problem, even because i don't have :)

Scream And Fly 03-17-06 06:22 PM

Re: Temp on Dual 6800GT in SLi
91 is too hot. The highest I would let mine go before I worry is 80. You need better cooling. I would first relocating (or removing) that sound card if possible. It can't be helping airflow. At the very least, swap it with a much smaller card.

markguilty 03-20-06 11:48 AM

Re: Temp on Dual 6800GT in SLi
i've seen on a website... that the normal idle value for a system with two 6800GT SLi... are 65 the first vga, and 68 the second one. I've opened my pc and the system is well ventilated, or at least the audigy 2 is not blocking ventilation. But even with hours of play it never goes above 90C.

Unfortunately, i cannot move the audigy2... i mean, there are just two slot available, if not under the first vga it will be under the second vga :D

Dazz 03-20-06 01:40 PM

Re: Temp on Dual 6800GT in SLi
the highest value is 115C, 90C is hot how ever have you cleared any dust in the fan?

loafer87gt 03-20-06 03:18 PM

Re: Temp on Dual 6800GT in SLi
BFG told me that up to 120C is within safe operating temps for their 6800GT's. I was having alot of crashes with my old 6800GT and I thought it had something to do with the 110-115C temps on the card under load, but BFG assured me that those temps were perfectly normal and that my PSU, motherboard, or IRQ settings was to blame.

I eventually was to work around the problem by lowering my core clock to 330 from the default of 370 and the temps dropped significantly.

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