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Darkfalz 03-21-06 01:15 AM

My 6600GT faulty?
I noticed an artifact while playing CSS about an hour ago. I thought my memory overclock (900 to 1000) was fine. The test always worked.

But after heavy gaming and heat, it now fails. I wasn't very happy.

But using rthdribl to drive up the heat (hits 73 or so) and then doing the memory test straight after, the test fails even at the STOCK frequency.


This can't be normal, can it? Is my card faulty? Should I return it? It's only a few days old. And I thought this card had good cooling on the memory... :( Is it at all possible this could be caused by another system component ie. PSU not up to scratch? I wouldn't think so, but I'm no expert on these things.

Dudes__Geof_ 03-21-06 10:04 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
Is yours the EVGA? If so, glad to hear your not the only one, my brothers has been freezing in some games as well..is it AGP or PCI-E?

Darkfalz 03-21-06 11:48 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
It's AGP, XpertVision. Heat is the issue. Core is stable no matter what, but upwards of 70 C and it usually fails memory test even at stock speed (but definitely at 1 GHz).

On cold early morning 1 GHz is fine.

I don't actually notice artifacts in game except for that one time, but just knowing the memory can't hack it even at stock speeds when it heats up just really pisses me off. I even wonder if the heat spreader is actually heating up the memory, transferring the heat from the GPU and bridge onto the memory chips...

The woman from the market I got it gave me a real hard time when I called up to ask about a replacement at the next comp fair (Saturday), write down the problem and they'd send it to manufacturer etc. so in other words telling me I probably wouldn't have a card for weeks if I dared to try to exchange it. Heck, for all I know I could get a replacement that ran even worse!

I have decent circulation in my case, and heck it's not even summer. I can't imagine the problems I'd have when it's 40 degrees outside.

This really isn't good enough, a card shouldn't be on the market if it can't run at its own spec under standard gaming conditions in weather which is barely warm. Stock speed and cooling should guarantee error-free performance even in hot weather given decent case cooling.

Darkfalz 03-22-06 05:36 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
I have discovered the problem with this card. Most of the thermal tape doesn't even contact the memory, light is visible through the gap. So the chips aren't being cooled at all, in fact, they are basically being heated with no place for the heat to go.

Because it only has two screws at a diagonal it's hard for it to get them to contact all the memory. I'm taking it back for a replacement on Saturday.

This is a poor design or just badly put together.

Gentle 03-23-06 12:39 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
I don't believe the GDDR3 ram needs cooling.

I recall reading that due to the way it is manufactured it is not necessary to cool them.


Darkfalz 03-23-06 01:50 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
This design heats them though, as it doesn't allow them to cool off at all, it keeps a hot plate heated by the GPU directly above them.

Dudes__Geof_ 03-23-06 10:06 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
Hey, ok.. I'll take a look on my brothers, thanks for taking note of that :)

Darkfalz 03-23-06 10:41 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
I hope my replacement doesn't have the same problem. I really don't want to have to attempt to modify it to cool better.

Darkfalz 03-24-06 05:55 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
I'm back with new card. It seems I lucked out! On close examination it has the same problem as the last one, the thermal tape doesn't touch the memory.

But the card itself runs 10 degrees lower idle and under load. When I auto detected overclocking, I got 545/993, with the other card, it basically gave me nothing (something like 506/900). I tested at 550/1.1 and it passed (unlike old one), but it didn't stand up to stress testing. But I've tested hard and 500/1000 is rock solid. I could probably do 525/1050 or something no problem.

I believe it would be much better if I could fix the thermal tape, but I don't want to go near it with the screwdriver. The screws affixing the heatsink aren't very strong, when I tried to tighten my old one just a bit, the screw broke off. I told the vendor this was the reason for the replacement, rather than the fact it wouldn't overclock at all... obviously, they're not going to take that as an excuse again. They already seemed suspicious. If I could find some more screws the same, I might try it, but I have no idea where I'd get these hollow screws.

RejZoR 03-24-06 06:09 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
I modded my Gainward heatsink fan, replaced it with standard 80mm fan.
Clocks to 570/1080 without any problems (i also have AGP) for everyday gaming and full internal tester safe.
The highest clock just for testing was 575/1230 (using ATiTool).

Darkfalz 03-24-06 09:56 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
Looks like I jumped the gun a bit. Temperatures got up to around the same when I ran ATITool for long enough.

Still, it certainly is a better overclocker, if only evidenced by the frequencies detected by the internal test. But I'm going to stick to 500/1000 until I can figure out a way to fix the thermal tape contact with the memory chips. Hard to believe so many cards got out of the factory like this. :thumbdwn:

Gentle 03-27-06 09:57 PM

Re: My 6600GT faulty?
My 6600GT AGP ram doesn't have any passive cooling devices attached or partially attached to it.

It shipped that way.

If you are so concerned about the issue, deal with the manufacturer and inquire about it. Ask them to furnish you with a correctly installed cooler as these two did not make contact with the memory modules.


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