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Telomerase 03-21-06 06:25 PM

NvNews News
so when is NvNews gunna start reporting it's own news instead of just providing a daily roundup of other sites? many sites that may or may not be reputable sources for news. the front page is something i don't visit very much at all, in fact i usually directly visit the forums. rarely do i find myself peering at the main page, and when i do it's usually under pretenses of giving the benefit of the doubt that the content has changed. i'm disappointed most of the time and my visits become more infrequent. i'm not telling anybody how to run the show around here, but i'm just stating that i wouldn't mind seeing some consistent flow of news coming straight out of NvNews.

SLippe 03-21-06 06:47 PM

Re: NvNews News
What kind of news? NVidia news? ATI news? Computer hardware advances news? Seems to me, if you want that kind of news, then go to their homepage. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think NVNews has anyone to do reporting like you want. Plus, you can get all the news in one place here. I guess I don't understand what you want. :thumbdwn: Isn't all news really news from someone else or somewhere else anyway?

Telomerase 03-21-06 06:50 PM

Re: NvNews News
it would be nice if they sent someone to all those gaming conventions.

MikeC 03-21-06 06:55 PM

Re: NvNews News
I'm sure you would erek but we are not CNN. If you're going to make a suggestion that I am going to take seriously make a suggestion that is feasible. Clay and I have professional careers during the day we are not reporters or newsmen. You have to use your own judgement reading the reviews we link to if they are correct in their accessments of the products they review. We aren't here to think for you. Read your local newspaper in the morning and watch the world news at night. That's your best source for learning about the world around you.

It would be nice to go to the gaming conventions but who would support my family?

Telomerase 03-21-06 06:57 PM

Re: NvNews News

Mr_LoL 03-22-06 02:05 AM

Re: NvNews News

Originally Posted by Telomerase

Stick out the tongue now you have been owned.

retsam 04-11-06 03:16 AM

Re: NvNews News
hahha, i just noticed this thread...mikec i hear you maybe the new anchore on cbs news....any truth to it?...hahaha...

superklye 04-11-06 07:33 AM

Re: NvNews News
I think the best part about Telomerase being banned is that his lame ass signature is now gone. :D

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