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entropy_kid 01-26-03 03:02 PM

RedHat7.2 and 4191 stability

I'm running RH7.2 with a dual PIII and a quadro4 700XGL. I tend to use KDE and there are a few quirks I have noticed. Sometimes the scroll bars on windows go 'funny' and the buttons at the bottom of a shell window are also not displayed properly.

The biggest problem is that sometimes I get logged off KDE. I wil be doing work, then the NVidia screen comes up and I am at the KDE login screen. I am not 100% sure that this is a driver problem, but given the other problems with the display I was wondering. I have rolled back to the previous driver to check.

Has anyone else had any problems like this?


junkieclown 01-26-03 03:38 PM

Yes, are you using RenderAccel in XF86Config?
That seems to be the source of the 2d corruption issues.
Backing_store and save_unders seem to be ok though.

bwkaz 01-26-03 05:22 PM

Re: RedHat7.2 and 4191 stability

Originally posted by entropy_kid
then the NVidia screen comes up and I am at the KDE login screen.
That would be your X server dying. When that happens, the best place to look for a reason would be the X log file -- unfortunately, in your case, you have X set to respawn itself immediately, which immediately deletes the relevant log file and starts up another one.

Boot to runlevel 3, which is text mode login, and then do a startx to get into KDE (if KDE isn't the default, then doing an echo exec startkde >~/.xinitrc should fix that). Then, work on reproducing the crash, and once it happens (I know, it might take a while), copy the /var/log/XFree86.0.log file to somewhere else (like your home directory). Then startx again, and attach the file to your next post.

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