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bathat 03-23-06 12:41 PM

problems building kernel interface
I am having difficulties getting nvidia-installer to compile a kernel or detect a precompiled one. I have both the kernel source and headers (2.4.27) and have compiled the source.

The .run file fails to start nvidia-installer on its own, so I used the flag --extract-only and ran the extracted nvidia-installer. It searches Nvidia ftp for a kernel interface but is unable to find one. I've tried specifying where the kernel source is located with --kernel-source-path and the installer still fails to build the kernel.

I'm completely out of ideas.
I've attached the nvidia-installer logfile. I hope this helps.


bathat 03-24-06 01:10 AM

Re: problems building kernel interface
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Sorry, I forgot to attach the logfile.

lou77 04-22-06 10:06 AM

Re: problems building kernel interface
I have exactly the same problem.

nchrisb 05-15-06 05:55 PM

Re: problems building kernel interface
Maybe I'm wrong (I don't have a clue when it comes to the kernel source and whatnot, although it seems I installed those), but it seems I have the same problem. http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=70200

zander 05-15-06 06:01 PM

Re: problems building kernel interface
-> Kernel module load error: ./usr/src/nv/nvidia.ko: couldn't find the kernel version the module was compiled for
@bathat: judging from the log file, the NVIDIA kernel module was built against the kernel source in /usr/src/linux-; the error message captured in the log file indicates that you're running a different kernel.

@lou77, nchrisb: please attach the nvidia-installer.log files generated during the failed installation attempts.

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