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smart girl 03-30-06 04:44 AM

linux commands
hi all

I am newbie in linux and I've just started learning how to use it.

actually I hadn't installed linux on my Pc yet, instead I used knoppix std which seems to operate like lenux.

the problem of using knoppix that it does not perform some commands as they must be.

for example:
the last command, if we use it with -d option it must display the IP address but it does not do so.

another problem is that I an required to write a program to do some operations in the date of login displayed in last command and since I don't know how data are displayed using last command I will not be able to write that program.

what I need is if any one of you could show me a screen shot of text to the result of last command with some options and with out.

Capt. Picard 03-30-06 04:46 AM

Re: linux commands
If you're a smart girl, why are you using linux????

It doesn't seem very smart to me.

smart girl 03-30-06 05:34 AM

Re: linux commands
it is not my choice to use it, but I have to.

antway.. I think linux is made for smart people

rewt 03-30-06 05:38 AM

Re: linux commands
Go to console and type man last.

man is abbreviation for manual. Put that in front of any command you want and it should tell you how to use it (assuming the man pages are installed).

Oh, and knoppix std is quite old. And it is not the complete knoppix system, which is actually based on debian linux.

supra 03-31-06 01:02 AM

Re: linux commands
hmm havent heard of the "last" command before but if you wanna know ur ip address your better off using

ifconfig -a

p.s live cds are no fun. get a proper linux install running ;)

rewt 03-31-06 07:18 AM

Re: linux commands
I think she's probably more concerned about finding IP address of logged on users. Not finding IP address of her network card ;) I could be wrong though..

gnutux 04-09-06 08:39 PM

Re: linux commands
Linux is for SMART people, whoever say otherwise are stupid :p

If you want to learn about any command, type

man <command>

or to learn about the manual:

man man


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