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seeker 03-31-06 08:05 AM

Streaming XMMS
I'm having a couple of problems using XMMS to receive streaming radio. Despite the fact that I set my browser to pass data to XMMS, using audio/x-scpls and pls with XMMS selected as other application and the box checked to pass the data direct. Everytime that I select a station on the Shoutcast menu, it just open a dialog asking where the file is that I want to play. I have to copy the url manually and paste it into the box that opens when directing it to a location instead. At least this works when logged in as a user, but not when logged in as root, not even this works.

Another problem that I have that is somewhat more of an annoyance, is that after rebooting, XMMS is unable to output anything to the speakers, until I open YaST and selecting the sound system. The moment that YaST open to this, the sound begins working automatically without me needing to do anything more. If someone has any idea of what is happening, I would especially like to fix this problem.

EDIT: It seems that the sound problem is not with XMMS but the sound system itself, because I also have to return to YaST when beginning a game, to get the sound to work there. Apparently, only one sound app will work at a time, without it hanging.

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