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UltraEvo 03-31-06 10:43 PM

Low performance after installing 6600GT
Hey guys i need your help for this.

I changed my graphics card from a 440MX to a 6600GT for a few months. But till now the problem remains unsolved. The 6600GT lags as much as the 440MX when playing half-life 2 only a little better. I tried many methods like reformatting the driver, getting the latest driver, reinstalling the driver, updating my motherboard and stuffs but none of it solved the problem. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? I appreciate your help.

Here are my computer specs:

Intel celeron 2.4GHZ
256MB Cosair RAM
Xpertvision GeForce 6600GT
Cosair 40GB HD
A 200-450W power supply
Windows XP without SP

Well never mind about the slow specs that i have because it should not perform that bad. The temp of my graphics card is normally 50 deg and when playing it will get to a max of 55 deg.

Lfctony 04-01-06 12:59 AM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
Actually with a Celeron 2.4 and 256MB, that is the reason it's so bad. Older Celerons are absolutely horrible at gaming. And that ram isn't helping at all. 256MB is the minimum for XP but it does much better on 512MB. IMHO, you should think about swapping that CPU with a proper P4 and boost that ram if you want to improve your gaming experience.


Notice that even with a 6800GT the Celery 2.4 cannot push more than ~50 FPS in those 2 games...

UltraEvo 04-01-06 01:06 AM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
Hmm that is one thing i do know but don't tell me it performs as bad as 33.4 fps in HL2? Before that the fps for MX440 is 30fps is that all a 6600GT can do?

Lfctony 04-01-06 01:08 AM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
No it's not the best a 6600GT can do. It's your CPU limiting it.Try something for me... Increase your resolution to 1280x1024 and put 4xAF on. See if your FPS stays at 33FPS or close to that. Normally it won't even budge.

Also, the 6600GT is actually in DX9 mode, so the game will look MUCH better than before.

UltraEvo 04-01-06 01:53 AM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
Ok but first tell me whether it will damage a crt monitor by setting it on 1280 x 1024.

Lfctony 04-01-06 07:50 AM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
Depends on the size, how many inches is your CRT?

UltraEvo 04-01-06 08:35 AM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
Mine is 17 inch if i am not wrong.

Lfctony 04-01-06 08:44 AM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
Well, it should be able to go at 1280x1024 no problem. Try to apply the setting in Windows to make sure, and then apply it in-game.

Darkfalz 04-01-06 09:02 AM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
Like many others have said HL2 is very CPU limited (especially after recent updates) so you'll find actually for most games your shiny new 6600GT will be severely bottlenecked by a 2.4 celeron and (!) only 256MB ram...

You'll need to complete your upgrade with a 3.0+ P4 and another 256, I would think. Shouldn't cost you that much, I think...

Q 04-01-06 09:21 AM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
You need a GB of ram. Period. Another stick of 256mb will help TONS, but a GB would be night and day.

Your Celeron, like everyone says, is definetly holding you back too. If I had to make a choice between processor and ram, like it looks like you'd have to do considering that you're rocking that system in the first place, I'd pick the RAM, honestly. Your PC is choking more with having to access the swap file than it is with processing data.

You might only get another 5-10fps with the ram over the processor which MIGHT give you up to 20 (maybe more, it really just depends). BUT!!! And this is a big BUT...its going to be a lot smoother with the RAM upgrade compared to the just the processor. You'll have severe hitching at 256mb one way or another.

UltraEvo 04-01-06 08:45 PM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
Oh my desktop does not support 1280 x 1024 and i do not know why. Hmm if i get a AMD semperon 3100+ will it help alot? How much fps will it boost? I tried inserting another 256MB Ram and it only adds up another 1 fps (OMG). Feels odd to me.

Haha i must admit celeron can't handle new games.

nV`andrew 04-01-06 10:18 PM

Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT
try an athlon 3000+ and another 256mb ram

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