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wysiwyg 04-07-06 05:54 AM

My 2 sli'd 6800's
I was just wondering what would an equivelant single graphics card be to my 2 cards running together?


Fathertime36 04-07-06 08:50 AM

Re: My 2 sli'd 6800's
AN 6800ultra or 7800GT without as much eye candy but the same fps speeds...imo

wysiwyg 04-07-06 09:09 AM

Re: My 2 sli'd 6800's
just a 6800 ultra?

blimy, a lot lot lower than i had hoped:o

Redeemed 04-07-06 01:53 PM

Re: My 2 sli'd 6800's
Well, I'd say it'd probably be about the equivalent to the 7800GS. If you were running dual 6800GTs or Ultras, that would be like a single 7800GT or GTX- respectively.

Still, not bad- but nearing time for an upgrade in my opinion. Though I'm still proud of my 6800GT as there really isn't any game it can't play well, I'm feeling its age. ;) :D :D ;)

But, I'm holding off on SLi till next year- I want the new tech coming out to have time to mature a bit before I purchase.

wysiwyg 04-07-06 04:25 PM

Re: My 2 sli'd 6800's

time to upgrade?

im pretty gutted now :(

a12ctic 04-07-06 05:28 PM

Re: My 2 sli'd 6800's
Nah you wont need a update for a while unless you like to play games at ultra high settings

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