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XSS 07-28-02 12:41 PM

Totally motion-blurred image.....
Hello, i woke up this morning and turned on my monitor and saw that the whole image was like motion-blurred to the left and right.

Colored/black lines from windows (opera, licq and so on) are blurred to the left and right making dark and light areas on both sides and the characters are smaller and more faint and it all seems like greyed out.

Can't for the world figure this out i've got this configuration:

K6-2 400
128 MB RAM
Absolute Multmedia Geforce DDR 32MB
NEC MultiSync 17+
Slackware 8.0
Xfree86 4.0.2, Release date 18 January
NV 2960, the lates i could find

I tried another monitor and it wasnt that so...i also tried to take a screenshot but it came out perfectly, can it be my card?

Thanks for any info or help about this problem....

Thunderbird 07-28-02 04:23 PM

Perhaps you are using a framebuffer driver like rivafb. (vesafb isn't bad) Or it might be a driver problem (unlikely). To test if it is a driver problem select the nv driver.

XSS 07-28-02 05:24 PM

As i said in my original post i use the original Nvidia driver from their homepage, and why should it change over night when i have used the same driver for god know how long.

And i haven't messed around in any config files, i am not an newbie on linux, i had it for years and i havent seen this problem at all before, although it may have something with my (graphic card) speed settings maybe?

Oh yes one more thing, it is the same in console mode but much much less visible, a small streak to the sides when i use Midnight Commander.

I want to be sure if it is the card or possibly some setting or anything that had gone wrong after all this time...

Thanks for any more information about this subject.

Paladin21 07-28-02 06:22 PM

If it is blurring like that on text in the console, then your monitor is probably heading out on you. A monitor will typically "ghost" lines before it dies. Sometimes this is an incremental problem that will just gradually get worse, sometimes the monitor will just die. I would hook my monitor into a friends computer (just to check if it is still screwing around) and then either take it to a technician or get a different one, depending on the monitor's value and probable repair cost.

Thunderbird 07-29-02 03:18 AM

Paladin he already said that he tried different monitors and that they gave the same problem.

You still didn't say if you are using rivafb or not. (rivafb is a framebuffer driver for the console for nvidia cards but it is very, very buggy and can cause strange problems like this.)

If that isn't the case it might be your videocard, but that also is a bit unlikely.

Something else that can cause problems like is magnetic influence from "bad" (unshielded) pc speakers. Perhaps that's what you are seeing.

XSS 08-05-02 06:18 AM

Well i don't use the rivafb so no it's not that, anyway im kinda sure it's the card, it's a little old and, well i have to get a new one.

Thanks for the help though!

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