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g.krist 01-28-03 05:08 AM

[Geforce 4 Twinview] Problem with tv resolution
Guys I finally have twinview (clone mode) working. Hell i'm not a beginner even :afro:

First I will explain what I want. I want to have my desktop (monitor) @ 1152x864 and then see the desktop on my TV (800x600).

Problem is when I have my monitor @ 1024x768my desktop on the tv fits nicely. When having monitor in higher resolution the desktop seems to big to fit on TV screen. I use:

"Metamodes" "1152x864,800x600; 1024x768,800x600;800x600,800X600"

I'm pretty clueless atm. I tried so MANY things. So I would give you a free beer if you can help

bwkaz 01-28-03 06:42 AM

Have you looked at the readme under "panning domains" or whatever it's called?

I don't know if that would even help, but maybe...

g.krist 01-28-03 06:57 AM

well actually i'm kinda clueless about it. You have a sample to use?

g.krist 01-28-03 07:14 AM

This is the problem I think:
(**) NVIDIA(0): Validated modes for Display Device 1:
(**) NVIDIA(0): Default mode "800x600": 40.0 MHz, 37.9 kHz, 60.3 Hz
(WW) NVIDIA(0): Specified panning domain width of 800 is smaller than viewport
(WW) NVIDIA(0): width 1152; adjusting
(WW) NVIDIA(0): Specified panning domain height of 600 is smaller than
(WW) NVIDIA(0): viewport height 864; adjusting
(II) NVIDIA(0): Virtual screen size determined to be 1152 x 864

Question is it possible to get my desktop on the tv completely, without I have to change my monitor to lower resolution

bwkaz 01-28-03 12:19 PM

Maybe try MetaModes "1152x864,800x600@800x864"? Your TV will still scroll, though.

AFAIK there's no way to use MetaModes and not have the TV scroll. What MetaModes does is create one large screen (in your case, its resolution is 1952x864) that's split across both heads. It has to be one screen so that acceleration works properly (I think), and since it's one screen, it has to be rectangular. Which means that extra space at the bottom of the TV has to be there, and the TV will scroll.

Maybe if you just used Xinerama? I'm not sure if that's possible, though.

g.krist 01-28-03 02:59 PM

I think i have to make 2 screens, one for my monitor (biggest resolution) and one screen for tv. So i can switch with ctrl-alt-f7/f8. Any knows how to do that?

bwkaz 01-28-03 04:20 PM

Check section R (I think) of the README for how to set up independent screens.

You don't switch between them with ctrl-alt-f7/8, you just see them both all the time.

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