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ashley_moran 04-14-06 06:13 AM

Trouble with driver on FreeBSD 6
I've just installed nvidia-driver 1.0.8178_1. I'm using FreeBSD 6-STABLE (dated shortly after the release), Xorg 6.9 and KDE 3.5.2 I have an MX4000 AGP and an MX4000 PCI running in Xinerama.

I'm not actually having ANY luck. The basic driver works ok, but I can't see any sign of RenderAccel or Composite despite enabling them in the driver. Anyway I only have a few mins to post right now so I thought I'd tackle a small problem: I can't use glx. Here are the symptoms:

[ashleymoran@alfie ~]$ glxgears
/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libm.so.3" not found, required by "libGL.so.1"

[ashleymoran@alfie ~]$ locate libm.so.3

I have the compat5x port installed (infact I just forced a rebuild) so I don't know why it's not working. Any ideas on this one?


zander 04-14-06 08:26 AM

Re: Trouble with driver on FreeBSD 6
Does installing the compat5x-i386 package help?

ashley_moran 04-14-06 01:21 PM

Re: Trouble with driver on FreeBSD 6 (got it working but not in xinerama)
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Thanks for the quick reply! I eventually uninstalled the driver AND compat5x and reinstalled both. That got it working.

Then I started making a new xorg.conf from scratch. I managed to get Composite with RenderAccel working, and translucency/shadows in KDE. Unfortunately, it only works with one monitor - when I turned Xinerama on and configured my second display it all falls over. I can log in, but as soon as I get to the desktop, my icons disappear and start flickering on and off (more off than on), the dock is barely visible and I'm left with a black square from the KDE splash screen.

I don't know if it's any use, but I'll attach my dmesg and Xorg.0.log. If there's anything else that is useful let me know.

Spose I should put the obligatory thanks for the work on the driver comment in here :) Not many companies make an effort to support FreeBSD. It's appreciated.

kenny237 04-16-06 12:30 PM

Re: Trouble with driver on FreeBSD 6
Please do the following:

ln -sf /lib/libm.so.4 /lib/libm.so.3

it should work after that.

ashley_moran 04-16-06 12:56 PM

Re: Trouble with driver on FreeBSD 6
Hi Kenny

I had a feedling I might need something like that ... I tried playing with libmap.conf too. In the end I re-reinstalled compat5x and nvidia-driver and got it working... well at least on one screen. There must be a bug somewhere that doesn't like Xinerama. It's a shame too - i was well impressed with composite considering it was running on an MX4000.


ashley_moran 04-21-06 03:34 AM

Re: Trouble with driver on FreeBSD 6
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I think I've found another bug :(

I use Eclipse but the nVidia driver causes text corruption. You can get the text back by highlighting it, but it's haphazard and corrupts again quickly.

I've attached a screenshot and my xorg.conf this time too.

zander 04-21-06 05:13 AM

Re: Trouble with driver on FreeBSD 6
@ashley_moran: you're using RenderAccel, which is still experimental/broken in the 1.0-8178 NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics driver release; the 1.0-8756 driver release, which should be available soon, has seen significant improvements in this area and should work correctly.

ashley_moran 04-21-06 08:54 AM

Re: Trouble with driver on FreeBSD 6
Thanks zander I'll try it again when the new driver is out and give my Xinerama setup another go with Composite

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