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jax 01-28-03 07:15 PM

Mandrake 9 and 4191 tar
I am new to Linux, but I could not find the answer to my question in the other threads. I have a Ti 4200 X4 and when I install the tar files (4191) like the pfd file from nvidia says too...I get (after make install)*** Failed rmmod sanity check. Bailing out! *** It also says something about having to remove existing kernel and exiting X.One more side note on install of Mandrake, Geforce drivers are installed. If I change it to Geforce 4. I can't get back to run level 5 (or whatever, It's just text, no graphics). :confused:

bwkaz 01-28-03 08:14 PM

I'm not sure what that rmmod error means, but you should always remove Mandrake's drivers before trying to install a newer version.

And you do have to also be in text mode, with X not running, because the Makefile removes the old modules from memory before installing the new ones. If X is running, then the modules won't remove, which means the new ones won't install.

Once you have the nVidia drivers installed (and once you configured your XF86Config-4 file), you'll be able to get into X. Once you can get into X, then you can change to runlevel 5 if you want. But I'd install from runlevel 3, personally...

jax 01-29-03 07:14 PM

Thank you. I guess that says all.:D

Qwaz 01-29-03 08:53 PM

Try this step...Worked FABULOUS for me
Go to THIS link And follow the steps

P.s. this is meant for Mandrake so it may vary for other distros


Good luck & I hope it helps You also!!!

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