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laurberg 01-28-03 09:47 PM

RPM for AMD64? ; RPM for IA32 1.0-4191 crashes :(
Trying the latest (S)RPM for IA32 1.0-4191 freezes
my redhat machine right after the final 'startx' command. I thereafter tried the earlier (S)RPM IA32 1.0-3123 driver which works right out of the box - Is this a know issue ??

System: GA-7VAXP, AMD2100+, 512DDR, Ti4 4200 8X - Redhat 8.0 kernel 2.4.18-19.8.0

Will there be any (S)RPM's for the AMD64 Linux Display Driver ?

bwkaz 01-29-03 07:58 AM

AMD64 is the upcoming (as in not-yet-released) Hammer series of AMD chips. Not stuff like the Athlon, Duron, etc.

You almost assuredly don't have a Hammer chip, which means the AMD64 drivers will not work.

As for problems with 4191, yeah, they're all over. Some people are seeing slow 2D, I'm seeing libGLcore.so complain about missing __divdi3() functions (that seems related to gcc 3.2), etc. If 3123 works, use it.

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