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Bah! 04-17-06 08:51 PM

6800GT running hot...Artic Silver question.
This question is for anyone who has one of these cards and have taken off the stock HSF.

My cards been running hot lately, getting up to almost 90c in Oblivion, ect. so i'm looking at ways to cool the card down a bit without spending much cash on it.

Would taking the stock cooler off, putting some artic silver 5 on there and putting the stock cooler back on have any effect on the temps or do i just need to change the entire HSF out to bring the temps down at all?

Clay 04-17-06 09:39 PM

Re: 6800GT running hot...Artic Silver question.
First thing to check is how tight the existing heat sink is mounted to your GPU. This is the single-most important factor in effective cooling. If it's not tight enough, your cooling will really suffer. The catch is that you do NOT want to over-tighten. If they already seem tightened down, you might want to try another 1/2 turn or so.

Other than that, Arctic Silver will help and usually will drop your temps around 2 deg Celsius or more from stock thermal compounds.

Check for dust buildup as well, clean the heatsink with compressed air and make sure your case has good air circulation.

Also, this section of this review might have some info that could help you out:

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