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vlamos 04-19-06 04:45 AM

FC5 + nvidia screen turns off
Problem : nvidia module initializes correct BUT my screen turns off

=> I use fedora 5 with latest kernel(2.16) and latest nvidia drivers(1.0-8756). SELinux is disabled and all necessary packages are installed with yum.
When I start X, my screen just turns off, there are no errors in the X server logs or dmesg. And yes, GLX initializes correct. Everything keeps working because I still can ssh into the box.
I use the standard xorg.conf made by the nvidia configurator.

Anyone with the same problem? Thanx in advance ;)

netllama 04-19-06 01:49 PM

Re: FC5 + nvidia screen turns off
Please generate and post an nvidia-bug-report.log.


vlamos 04-20-06 12:50 PM

Re: FC5 + nvidia screen turns off
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Ok, here is my bug report... This configuration is working when I set the nvagp option to 0, how can I let it to work with agp? Thx !!

netllama 04-20-06 09:56 PM

Re: FC5 + nvidia screen turns off
It looks like youre motherboard has a VIA chipset. Unfortunately, those are known to have problems with the Linux agp driver. If possible, you can try reducing the AGP rate in the BIOS, and also make sure that you have the latest released BIOS for the motherboard.


vlamos 04-21-06 01:48 AM

Re: FC5 + nvidia screen turns off
Ok going to try that, do you think there is any chance they are going to fix this problem in future driver releases ?

netllama 04-21-06 01:21 PM

Re: FC5 + nvidia screen turns off
This is a kernel agp driver bug, not an nvidia driver bug.


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