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downhillgames 04-21-06 10:45 AM

Need testers for unoffical NVIDIA automation script
Forget it was here. I guess I'm doing more than I needed (however that works)...

Just like me to be full of bad ideas.

arokh 04-21-06 11:23 AM

Re: Need testers for unoffical NVIDIA automation script
I have some comments:

- Simply doing 'yum update kernel kernel-devel' will fetch a kernel that'll allow non-GPL modules, I don't think people new to Linux should be given an experimental kernel release.
- A forced reboot seems pretty over the top, let the user decide when to do that.
- The patch you're applying was fixes for 8178, which I don't believe is necessary with 8756.
- Not sure what you're trying to do with linking a directory to the nvidia library and driver. Anyways, no such thing needs to be done.
- The HW cursor bug isn't affecting everybody, so it probably shouldn't be disabled for everybody.
- Most of your 'prerequisities' isn't needed.

Sorry, but the script seems a bit useless :)
In my experience, just following the steps in http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=68681 works perfectly. Automating this isn't really necessary, and will probably just further confuse users.

downhillgames 04-21-06 11:51 AM

Re: Need testers for unoffical NVIDIA automation script
I agree about most of that. However i still needed to patch the driver even for the newest, and make symlinks or I got "failed to load module" lines glx and nvidia. symlinks fixed this. the prereqs are merely what i saw people doing in other threads. I'm sure you probably only need sdk and Xorg, hence this is up for review before boasting it's great.

I'm seeing taking out the extra xorg-x11-server- packages, what about fedora-rpmdevtools? and What about installing/updating GCC?


ps/edit: this is meant to simplify it for a new user, not explain it like a howto. i wrote this with someone in mind. and they don't exactly take in what they read. it's actually easier to do something then explain it to this person.

netllama 04-21-06 02:54 PM

Re: Need testers for unoffical NVIDIA automation script
If you believe that you need to patch the 1.0-8756 driver, please generate and post a bug report, as there are no official patches released for that driver version, and you're either hitting a bug, or something is wrong somewhere in your environment.


downhillgames 04-21-06 06:56 PM

Re: Need testers for unoffical NVIDIA automation script
obviously i'm not going to argue. I had no help with this whole nvidia/FC5 b.s. and i've only been using linux a month. It seemed the right way after reading a lot of threads.

please close this thread. maybe rename it to save me the embarassment : /


edit: at least i learned some bash things

arokh 04-22-06 06:11 AM

Re: Need testers for unoffical NVIDIA automation script
I wouldn't call it an embarassment, look at it as a learning experience. There's always more ways of doing things, and one should always look for the best way.
Nothing wrong with that.

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