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chrisitan 04-21-06 02:41 PM

NVIDIA 420 go suse 10
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Am trying to get my Nvidia geforce4 420 go work. I had a look at a similar post, but it does not help. I am using a Toshiba sattelite pro 6100 and am using suse 10 with the downloaded precompiled kernel headers for the nvidia 7676 driver, and have installed the nvidia 7676 driver and also when it starts the nvidia driver, i get the black bar on the right side of my screen and the resolution is 800 x 600, but without the driver i can get 1024x768 with no black bar.

Included is my nvidia bug report.

crazy-flash 04-21-06 08:19 PM

Re: NVIDIA 420 go suse 10
try to add
Option "IgnoreEDID"
to your video device section in the xorg.conf (where you have your Driver "nvidia" line) this should work.

chrisitan 04-22-06 03:07 PM

Re: NVIDIA 420 go suse 10
Have eventually managed to get it to work @1024x768, but now just need to tune my modelines for the 800x600 as when trying to play a game like tuxracer or frozen bubble, it just gives me a white screen.

Is it possible to run gtf 800 600 60 and use that what it gives me in the xorg.conf?

netllama 04-22-06 03:36 PM

Re: NVIDIA 420 go suse 10
gtf doesn't usually produce usable modelines for flatpanels. Does your display natively support 800x600? Have you tried requesting a 800x600 mode in your X configuration?

Please start X with the following command:
startx -- -logverbose 6

and then generate and post a new bug report.


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