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dusty128 01-29-03 06:15 PM

Two X Servers
I'm having problems setting up 2 X Servers. (One is planned for my Desktop, the other for TV).

I have the latest Drivers (1.0-4191) and a MSI GeForce4 Ti-4600 and SuSE 8.1.

The exact problem is, that the second X Server has an errorneous display. Basically I do something like this: "X :1; X :2". On the second screen, vertical stripes are displayed, moreover there are only 2 colors (black&white), it's not possible to display applications on the second screen, they are either not displayed or are black. The only thing that is displayed correctly is the mouse.

Is there any solution to this?

Maybe it's those latest drivers? Where can I download older drivers for SuSE 8.1?

Best Regards,

bwkaz 01-29-03 08:56 PM

You aren't (for some reason) starting a window manager on display 2. That black & white stipple pattern is the default X screen. In order to do anything, you need a window manager running.

Instead of X :1 ; X :2, try whatever the README says in appendix R, under "multiple X screens". It's probably "startx :0.0 ; startx :0.1" or something similar to that.

dusty128 01-30-03 04:53 AM

Not the default X Screen
No, its not the default X-Screen (black&white stippled pattern). It is on the first screen - but not on the second. On the second screen one can see vertical black&white stripes.

I did not intend to start a second Windows Manager as I don't need one on the second display - it's just for displaying video (with mplayer) - but I don't get this far.

To me it really seems that there is a driver bug - maybe there is a workaround?

bwkaz 01-30-03 06:55 AM

They are both using the same config file, right?

Is it remotely possible that one's in 1-bit color mode?

Other than that, I don't really know...

dusty128 02-01-03 04:40 PM

The solution
I solved the problem today - it's very simple: When starting a second X-Server (regardless if tv-out or not), the second X-Screen is not displayed correctly, as stated in my above mail.

All you have to do now is switch back to the first X-Server (with Ctrl+Alt+F7) and then again to the newly started Server (Ctrl+Alt+F8). Sometimes you have to do this procedure two times, but it solves the problem.

This is for sure some driver bug, well - hopefully it will be fixed in the next release.

Maybe, however, that this applies only to systems (like mine) where the console is displayed on a framebuffer (linuxfb).

The tv-out works perfect, the videos are very smooth and also have the right size on my TV.

If you are interested of how to do this, have a look at:http://www.iofcea.de/cgi-bin/seite.pl?file=linuxtvout

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