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Linuxhippy 04-23-06 05:43 AM

Howto find out X's memory consumption?
Hi there,

I am running the latest NVidia driver and I am experiencing an old known problem, X eats up memory and does not release it. However I don't know wether this is a memory leak in the nvidia driver.

Is there any way to see where the memory goes to?


2348 root 15 0 251m 234m 2400 S 7.3 46.8 0:56.13 X
lg Clemens

d13f00l 04-23-06 06:03 AM

Re: Howto find out X's memory consumption?
yeah, get "xrestop"

Are you running the latest version of the nvidia driver? I think it's been fixed, but I'm not sure on that. The old driver did that for me, X would eat 700, 800 megs of ram mapped to anon, my system would swap, eat all the swap, then stuff would eventually start crashing.

Linuxhippy 04-23-06 08:13 AM

Re: Howto find out X's memory consumption?
Wow, very strange. X consumes 235mb of memory whereas only a few resources are actually taken:


1400000 41 11 0 77 116 3828K 3K 3832K ? KDE Desktop
0600000 192 64 1 840 55 3817K 8K 3825K ? nV News Forums
1200000 41 124 1 69 310 291K 12K 303K ? kwin
1600000 136 115 1 171 206 194K 11K 206K ? kicker
1a00000 48 71 1 57 44 54K 4K 59K ? ce@cehost:~ -
0a00000 27 9 1 17 465 43K 12K 56K ? KLaptop Daemon
0200000 0 1 1 0 39 0B 1K 1K ? <unknown>
Therefor it seems like there are still bugs in the latest drivers (87.56). Very dissapointing!

lg Clemens

pe1chl 04-23-06 12:59 PM

Re: Howto find out X's memory consumption?
How did you determine the amount of memory "consumed"?
This is not very easy, given the many filemappings that the nvidia driver does.
(card memory mapped into the process space is not "consumed" memory)

Linuxhippy 04-23-06 01:08 PM

Re: Howto find out X's memory consumption?
Well, I just looked at the output of "top" and the "free" command.
Under normal circumstances X consumes about 5-10% of available memory, when this happend it had more then 50% reserved.

Also free showed more than 300mb "used - without cache", althought I did not have any programs running consuming a lot of memory...

lg Clemens

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