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trym 04-23-06 03:58 PM

Need recommendation for system with 3 monitors

I am in the process of setting up a high performance machine spec, that need to
support 3 monitors connected using DVI. At first I was looking at Matrox' Qid Pro cards, but their linux support is HORRIBLE, so that alternative is out of the question.

I am wondering if running multiple nvidia PCIe gfx cards will work smoothly under linux. And whether I can use three monitors and at the same time utilize SLI?
If any, what drawbacks can I expect? Will I be able to have opengl acceleration on all monitors?

The system will be running on an AMD 64 X2 cpu.

All advice and feedback greatly appreciated.


netllama 04-23-06 05:09 PM

Re: Need recommendation for system with 3 monitors
SLI only supports a single display device. You can, however, use TwinView and/or Xinerama with two videocards to drive 3 (or 4) display devices under Linux with the 1.0-8756 driver. Please see the driver README for more details.


trym 04-24-06 12:44 AM

Re: Need recommendation for system with 3 monitors
Thank you for quick response.

In the NVIDIA Linux advantage pdf presentation, it lists multiple monitors as a feature of the IA32 driver. It is not listed under AMD64. Before buying lots of gfx cards, just to make sure; are all the features like multiple monitors supported under AMD64 X2 as well?

Will it ever be possible to run SLI alongside utilizing the monitor outputs on both gfx cards, or is this a technical impossibility?

nVidia seems to really have taken linux users seriously, and you deserve huge heap of credit for that. I am sure the decision nvidia took to focus on linux and alike platforms will secure nvidia's important position in the market, and indeed increase its market share. Keep up the good work!


netllama 04-24-06 10:01 AM

Re: Need recommendation for system with 3 monitors
There are no functional differences between 32 and 64bit Linux distributions as far as the nvidia X driver is concerned. If it works in 32 bit, it should work in 64 bit (or its likely an unknown bug).

I'm afraid I can't speak on potential roadmap plans with respect to SLI, other than to say that currently SLI only supports a single display device at this time.


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