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poursoul 01-29-03 11:53 PM

Damn it.

i vote to outlaw (<--- what the hell?) the rolly eyes smiley!

it is sooooooo anoying.

on a serious note, if this idea does become popular could a mod put the rollyeyes smiley in the "Get More" section of the smiley box. i just imagine killing that little yellow F*cker every time i see him.

And please no one be a hero and reply with only the rollyeyes smiley.

(i know i'm bringing doom upon myself.)

styles-T 01-30-03 12:52 AM

You live in west palm beach?

Go enjoy the sun..Your going stir crazy...

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Shinri Hikari 01-30-03 12:58 AM

It's there for a very good reason, it is an unfortunate nessesity.... :argh: :surrender Think about all the trolls it's being used on. :D

StealthHawk 01-30-03 03:44 AM

i vote to ban people who use it too much. all they ever do is type sarcastic comments without ever doing any solid contribution to the forums.

PsychoSy 01-30-03 04:05 AM

Amen to that.

I don't use that smiley that much because it annoys the hell out of me. Besides, the context of the majority of my posts gives the reader that impression allready and removes all doubt. You can probably tell if I'm rolling my eyes when I'm responding to a thread, right?


Simple as that! :p ;)

poursoul 01-30-03 08:00 AM

there is no sun today, and i would just love to hit a koala w/ my car right now for some reason.

Believe me, i wouldn't just hit you....... ummmm i mean it. i would then scoop it off the road and eat it, all while partially alive of course.

de><ta 01-30-03 04:02 PM

eating koala's :confused:

dude do yourself a favor, give yourself a nice dose of violent computer games. Works wonders when you are really ticked off... if you lack violent games, then i would suggest that you go on some yahoo chat channel and cuss away.

Relax dude. Eat (anything but koala's:nono: ), drink and be merry... (or be mary).:D

poursoul 01-30-03 04:32 PM

koalax seems to have gone bye bye. [spitting fur]wonder where?[/spitting fur]

Shinri Hikari 01-30-03 06:41 PM

To poursoul
Why to rage3d of course... :angel: He'll find lots of people there that are like minded.:D

sbp 01-31-03 01:11 AM

Yeah people do use that smilie wayyy too much.
A few months ago Sharkyforums got rid of the rolleyes smilie since it was causing bad feelings.

I prefer the kinder, gentler substitute bleh smilie http://home.earthlink.net/~sbp777/pics/bleh.gif

vampireuk 01-31-03 01:52 AM

Well you just would, wouldn't you:rolleyes:


|JuiceZ| 01-31-03 07:19 AM


Originally posted by sbp
I prefer the kinder, gentler substitute bleh smilie http://home.earthlink.net/~sbp777/pics/bleh.gif
I like that one, so I've added it :bleh: :angel2:

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