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rjbrooksjr 08-13-02 11:58 AM

geforce 4 and mdk 8.2
Well, I successfully installed the proper geforce 4 drivers, and it improved a lot on my system. (i can even see my mouse now). Although I'm having problems changing the resolution. I'm using xfdrake to do so. When I select a res higher than 800x600 and test, it's all messed up.. looks like the refresh rate is set too high. Then as soon as the test is over, my system completely locks up.

I'm a complete newbie at this stuff.. tryin to escape from windows.. so if anyone could help, i'd appreciate it. My video card is a ti4600.


zeBarbu 08-14-02 02:35 AM


I have similar config, but I don't use the XfbDrake.
The config file you have to edit is /etc/X11/XF86Config-4

You can find help on it by typing 'man XF86Config-4' in the console.

Also have a read of README file from nvdriver ( http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86_4...960/README.txt )

If you have troubles to do with this, ask me (icq 161866753).


rjbrooksjr 08-14-02 10:42 AM

Wow great.. that worked. The only small problem I had with this is it won't run 32bit color depth at 1600x1200.. 16bit was fine.. so it's not a huge deal. If anyone has any ideas on this I'd appreciate it.. otherwise I'm happy i got this far =)



zeBarbu 08-14-02 11:02 AM

cool, if it works! :-)
happy to make you happy...

32bits doesn't have sense for display:
Each color have 8 bits depth at max.
=> R,G,B => 24 bits.
in textures, images, or what you want else, you may have 32 bits => 8 bits for alpha channel.
Alpha is often use to perform transparency... (hard to make your monitor transparent(=invisible))

So, you may use the 24 bits.
You'll have 8 bits per pixel, better than 5:6:5.

Internaly, the hardware will take 32 bits, because it speeds up (4 bytes aligned memory). But only 24 bits will be used for color. 8 remening bits may be use for stencil buffer, or window managing, or everything else.

have fun!


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