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Dr_s99 04-27-06 08:50 AM

Linux Multimedia center
I like to setup one of my computers as a multimedia center, which will be connected to TV (using S-video)!

I have the computer and the hardware configuration for the computer is as follow:

CPU:AMD athlonXP 2400+
Video card:Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti 4600
TV Tunner:Asus TV/FM card
Audio: Built-in
Motherboard:Asus A7V8X-X

But i have no clue which linux distro. to use, or which softwares to use..!
Now i was thinking i could use SUSE and setup the TV-out but for some reason it just gave me a black screen!

The other feature i want to have for my multimedia center is for it to be able to play all videos (even if they use different codecs)

Also i have a ATI Remote wonder and i wanted to get it working with the multimedia center!

is there anyway i could do this?

Thank you,

gnutux 04-27-06 04:38 PM

Re: Linux Multimedia center
it's gonna be hard. I haven't had success with the TV-OUT with SuSE either.


Dr_s99 04-28-06 07:57 AM

Re: Linux Multimedia center
well after 3 hrs i finally gave up setting up the TV-out!

But i heard about KnoppMyth, so i gave it try... and it works!

I could even use my ATI RF remote :D

ricercar 04-28-06 10:39 PM

Re: Linux Multimedia center

the only good answer for a linux htpc.

dirk5673 04-29-06 03:24 AM

Re: Linux Multimedia center

Originally Posted by ricercar

the only good answer for a linux htpc.

How bout the best answer for any htpc :)

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