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Toph 01-30-03 10:18 AM

How to limit VideoRam - XF86config-option ignored!?
I would like to limit the amount of VideoRam X uses on my GF3, because I'd really like to use a Portion of it for RamDisk or Swap. See
this page for details.

Unfortunatly the VideoRam option in XF86Config seems to be ignored by NVdriver. Although I specified VideoRam to be 32MB in XF86Config, my log reports:
(--) NVIDIA(0): VideoRAM: 65536 kBytes

The driver simply detects the amount of RAM on the Videoboard and uses all of it. I have looked into the source code to figure out how to change this behaviour, but didn't succeed.

Can anybody give me a hint?

Wrawrat 01-31-03 05:28 AM

You didn't read the article, didn't you?

5. Fixing the XF86Config
CAUTUION! It WILL NOT work with nVidias binary drivers. They just ignore VideoRam option! On the other hand it works perfectly with XFree86's nv driver.

Toph 01-31-03 10:22 AM

I DID read the article. I just would like do the same with nvidia's driver. There must be a way to tell this driver not to use all of the memory!

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