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nsimpson 01-30-03 10:47 AM

GeForce4 TI 4200 driver for RedHat 8.0 (2.4.18_19.8.0)
Does anyone have a version of the nVidia GeForce4 driver for RedHat 8.0 that works with the 2.4.18_19.8.0 kernel ? The latest nVidia drivers are for 2.4.18_18.8.0 which if you force load under the later kernel has lots of unresolved link dependencies (and so doesn't load).



jnd3 01-30-03 12:29 PM

Get the source RPM packages. There's a section in the README about how to install from the source. Basically an extra step using rpmbuild. Pretty straightforward as long as you follow the directions! :)


nsimpson 01-30-03 12:57 PM

Thanks, JND. I found an article that explained how to build the driver, so I think I'll give that a shot. Hopefully it'll just be a recompile. I'll post a follow up.


jnd3 01-30-03 02:38 PM

Excellent! One other item of note...the newest (1.0-4191) drivers have a bug that cause some slow performance in 2D (set your desktop up with no wallpaper to work around it). I ended up reverting to the previous version of the drivers (1.0-3123). But then again, I have an old GF2...


nsimpson 01-30-03 05:28 PM

Bless you, JND !

Recompiling the drivers under 2.4.18_19.8.0 did the trick. The new (4191) driver loads and runs just fine ! As you mentioned, repaint performance isn't great and is particularly noticeable when dragging a window.

The only problem I have now is that the refresh rate is way too high for the monitor I'm using (it's a Sun branded Sony Trinitron GDM-20E20). I had to plug in another monitor to see the desktop. I changed the monitor setting using RedHat's desktop app. and restarted X but it insists on picking a bad refresh rate. I've dabbled with XF86Config settings before but without much success. Do you have any ideas about (a) how to find out what the max refresh rates are for my monitor and (b) what to put in XF86Config ?

Thanks again for teaching me nVidia fishing :-)


Jeremy Bear 01-30-03 05:36 PM

Try this link:


nsimpson 01-30-03 06:43 PM

Thanks JB !

I plugged the values for the GDM-20E20 from monitorworld into XF86Config, restarted X and what do you know. ? 1280x1024 at a refresh rate the monitor could handle ! My faith in XF86Config is restored.

Give that man a cookie ! :cool2:


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