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mythic 04-29-06 12:29 AM

Setting up TV-out for X Windows

Sorry but I've looked around a bit and can't seem to find instructions on how to set up my xorg.conf file to use the TV-OUT on my mainboard. (MSI K8NGM2-FID) I know it probably in an obvious place and I just keep missing it...

Could someone point me to a URL or utility?


Oh, I'm using Mandriva 2006

Thunderbird 04-29-06 09:15 AM

Re: Setting up TV-out for X Windows
For instance use nvidia-xconfig which is bundled with the drivers to set up tvout. Further it is also documented in the drivers README (/usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0) and there should be enough examples at this forum.

mythic 04-29-06 11:18 AM

Re: Setting up TV-out for X Windows
Thanks for the quick reply.

Wow, I didn't even notice that directory! Now THAT's what I call information! Exactly what I was searching for!

The nvidia-xconfig script didn't set up tvout for me. And I tried searching, but I guess my keywords were either too off or I'm too much of a N00b. I've been banging away at this box for a while now - about two weeks - so you can guess that asking for help doesn't come easily to me. I'm going to have to ask about sound next, and I dread that prospect... I've seen some of the problems people report with that... ;)

Thanks bunches,

isez2001 04-29-06 04:49 PM

Re: Setting up TV-out for X Windows
Sound on this board isn't too tough, just make sure you're using ALSA's snd-hda-intel driver. The only real problems I had (on the same board) were when alsaconf would glitch and write invalid config files.

dirk5673 04-29-06 08:50 PM

Re: Setting up TV-out for X Windows
you can do nvidia-xconfig --separate-x-screens
or nvidia-xconfig -A for more options


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