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JeffxxxPete 01-30-03 02:43 PM

Installation of Nvidia drivers
I downloaded and tried to install the Nvidia_kernel 1.0-4191.rpm and the corresponding Nvidia_glx 1.0-4191.rpm in which I received the following errors for each file, respectively:

/lib/modules/2.4.18-6mdk/kernel/drivers/video/nvi Warning: loading dia.o will taint the kernel: non GPL license


-The above files belong to a conflicting Mesa rpm
-or to a previous stale NVIDIA distribution
-They have been renamed to xxx..rpm save to a
-avoid conflicting with the files contained with this package
-see FAQ

Anyone have any suggestions if these errors are vital and if so how to go ahead and correct them? Thanks.

jnd3 01-30-03 04:04 PM

To quote the guy from Wag The Dog, "This is nothing!"

Seriously, they're not an issue. The Linux kernel will complain because the Nvidia drivers contain some closed-source portions, thereby "tainting" the license of GPL'd kernel. And Mesa (the OpenGL replacement for Linux) comes with non-accelerated versions of the libraries you mentioned (libGL, libglx, etc.). The ones that come with Mesa are renamed in case you ever unload the drivers. You should be good to go.


msreddy 01-30-03 10:48 PM

I too had received these warnings, and I simply ignored. Everything worked fine.


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