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goghgoner 05-02-06 09:13 AM

openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
ASUS CSM MOBO (6150/430), AMD 64 3800+

I can run glxgears or a openGL game for a couple of minutes then the system freezes and I have to do a hard reboot.

I have used both the driver script from nvidia and the driver package from livna. I have recreated the problem with FC4_64, FC5_64, and FC5_386. When I initially install the OS and driver, the openGL app will run quite a bit longer (maybe 10 minutes) before crashing. After that, about three minutes is the maximum time it will run. I have tried kernel parameters (noapic acpi=off pci=conf1) and various xorg.conf options to no avail. I have tried the latest BIOS (1001) and all previous versions. I checked the CPU temp after reboot and it looked good.

I can play games on Windows without a problem and I can also encode video in Linux without a problem. I couldn't locate the bug script, but I'll figure out why and post a bug report soon. I have combed through the info the bug report will provide and haven't seen any errors (except for agp aperture too small in the system log and I don't know why I care since this has an integrated PCI GPU).

goghgoner 05-02-06 07:04 PM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
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Here's the bug log. Since I have to do a hard reboot, I don't know if it will give you anything. Let me know if anyone has any ideas I can try -- maybe I just need to donate this mobo to someone I dislike.

EDIT: After I posted this last night, I noticed my sound was looping when the system locked up playing Cannon Smash. Hmm... maybe this means the CPU is maxed out b/c of an infinite program loop in the driver (happens on the previous nvidia driver, too) and that is why I have to do a hard reboot.

goghgoner 05-04-06 08:45 AM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
I had read in another post that setting Video Ram to 16MB in the BIOS would improve stability (I don't know if it has any effect on GLX specifically). When I went into BIOS, I thought to myself that I should try 0 MB first. Well, now I hear 1 long beep and 3 short beeps during POST and then the black screen. Seems like I will have to reset CMOS to get it to boot again. I'll try 16MB if my board isn't fryed, yet...

EDIT: I cleared the CMOS and set the video ram to 16mb. I booted up and was able to play to full games of Cannon Smash before the system locked up and I was forced to do a hard reboot. It does seem to run fine when I set the graphics mode to simple in Cannon Smash. Maybe this 6150 GPU just can't handle GLXGEARS (and other complexly textured 3D objects) running for too long... I suppose it may be due to cheap RAM or the GPU getting overheated (I have tried two different brands of cheap RAM).

goghgoner 05-16-06 01:41 PM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)

I downloaded the Windows version of "Cannon Smash" and no problems whatsoever. The page at sourceforge says that the windows version uses openGL, too. So now I am back to thinking the nvidia linux driver is the culprit.

goghgoner 06-21-06 08:51 AM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
Well, I went ahead and ordered the MSI K8NGM2-FID mobo. Hopefully, that will take care of these problems.

M3PH 06-21-06 10:05 AM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
good choice of mobo, shame you don't need it. the nvidia graphics driver is a lil buggy and lil un predictable. it would be nice to see a full set of hardware specs. i have a similar probelm with Counter-Strike: source and cedega. but it takes mebbe 20 -30 mins to lock. the temps are good and it runs for hours in windows.

My system specs are:

AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (barton core)
Asus V9999GT (Geforce 6800GT) AGP
Gigabyte GA-7n400 pro2 rev2.0 (nforce2 chipset)
1GB Corsair xms ddr 333
SB Live! 5.1
Maxtor diamondmax plus 9 120GB
Samsung 351B DVD-ROM/CD-RW
Hiper 580watt psu (will handle 630 for moderate periods)

goghgoner 07-11-06 06:16 PM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
Thanks for the reply -- I have been talking to myself for too long about this.

Well, the MSI mobo works fine but I also upgraded my PSU to an Antec 350W. I am thinking now my problems might have been caused just by the power supply. ASUS didn't have a recommended wattage for their CSM mobo so I thought 300W would do.

Here's my old sys specs before the new mobo and psu:

AMD Athlon 64 3800+
Asus CSM
2GB ddr 400
300W PSU

zbiggy 07-12-06 04:37 AM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
There are random Linux freezing on Asus A8N-VM CSM mobo if you not update bios.
You have to use 0902 or later bios to have crash free Linux.

Update: It looks you have 1001 bios. How long have to run glxgears to get hung? I have Asus A8N-VM CSM and would like to check if I have this problem too.

Zoltan 07-12-06 11:05 AM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
I have 2 boxes that freeze up and one that does not.
The problem ones are multiseat Ubuntu Dapper with Intel 975XBX M/B and three MSI NX7600GS cards. glxgears freezes them after a minute or two.
Running on the singleseat (same H/W & OS) box, glxgears is still running after 30 mins or so.

Really frustrating - hopefully will get sorted out in the next release??


pepz 07-12-06 01:01 PM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
i've a similar problem:
my bios is an ASUS A7N8X-X ACPI Rev 1006, have i to upgrade it to latest version the 1010?

zbiggy 07-12-06 02:08 PM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
I have Asus A8N-VM CSM (geforce6150) bios 1001 and glxgears works OK. Run for 20 minutes then I quit.

kenyee 07-12-06 02:50 PM

Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)
I have a CSM w/ BIOS 1001 w/o problems as well...one of the early ones (Dec 2005 purchase).
You might want to look at your northbridge heatsink...someone here posted a pic of the realllllly bad heat sink thermal grease application which caused random blockiness to appear only when using OpenGL apps. The Asus is known to have this quirk...

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