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token 08-13-02 01:00 PM

tv-out on nForce mobos

I'm thinking about buying an ASUS mainboard with nForce chipset. The
mobo has optional add-in card to do TV-out for the onboard chipset.

My question is: is this TV-out *exactly* the same as of the card's ones?
I mean, the drivers, the configs, etc?

And most important: the appliance i'm gonna build will have no monitor,
so it is a must to have the boot and console on the TV, like standalone
cards will do. Will i get the same of this TV-out add-in card on the
ASUS mobo?

Or should i buy separate a videocard? Both cases it will be a Geforce2
MX200 or a MX400.


Thunderbird 08-13-02 02:42 PM

Tvout is the same as on normal Nvidia cards. I would really suggest to think if you really want an nforce mobo. There are a lot of problems with the network driver and other things. I would buy a more normal mobo with integrated things and not one nforce based.

token 08-14-02 11:03 AM

Hi :)

Thanks for the hint. I was really in doubt, now i'll try the separate cards.

Anyone out there have already built an appliance to use on the tv room? I'll mount it inside an old VCR shell, so i'll have to buy a small mainboard (that asus one is 9,6 x 9,6, perfect).

Any tip about what model/brand to buy?

I'll run linux, so compatibility is important.

Thanks again,

Thunderbird 08-14-02 11:27 AM

There's one great mobo for it but the videopart isn't that great. (PCI might help ??). Check this mobo: http://www.viavpsd.com/product/epia_...herboardId=21.

The mobo's aren't that expensive and are all you need for an appliance. (onboard x86 cpu is included)

If you want something bigger look at this mobo: http://www.fic.com.tw/motherboards/at31/at31_intro.htm (ati radeon based). The chipset is part ATI and part VIA and all features are availible on linux (even opensource) I think.

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