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rage10 05-05-06 01:55 PM

GeForce 6600 good buy?
Is the GeForce 6600 a good buy? I can gey it for 90$ before rebates.

JohnsonLKD 05-06-06 10:24 PM

Re: GeForce 6600 good buy?
I think so.

I use go 6600 128MB PCIE and have no problem running latest games... I can play f.e.a.r. at 1024*768 w/o AA but everything at maxxed settings including 16x AF. no frame limit goes below 16 very rarely and honestly, I have no problem. Farcry and other HDR supporting games work with Quincnuxx AA on at around 15~45 fps at 1027*768.

I've been playing WOW at 1280*1024 with quincnuxx AA and 16AF on, and never had problem with FPS.

Quake 4 works fine as well without AA but with 16 AF. I never felt any kind of stuttering.

HL2 works very fine, 1280*1024 with quincnuxx AA and 16AF on, very rarely goes under 15 fps.

rage10 05-07-06 11:28 AM

Re: GeForce 6600 good buy?
thanks, and what is the difrence betwen the gt/le...?
the one I am looking at is the le.

Joe Public 05-08-06 04:35 AM

Re: GeForce 6600 good buy?
The LE only has 4 pixel pipelines, whereas the standard 6600 (And the GT) has 8. If you're on PCIe I'd look into a 7600GS, it's much better and doesn't cost that much more.

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